Monday, October 10, 2011

My husband is AMAZING

My husband has got ZERO hours of sleep the past few days and has taken care of ALL of my jobs such as:cooking,dishes,vacumming,laundry,kids baths,making sure I get my medication,running my errands and making sure I myself gets up to get meds and makes sure I am not needing to be rushed to the ER. I should be doing all of those things but he is such an amazing man he is taking care of all of it and it is very hard because he still have to drive to another state to go to work and drive back home every night just to get a few min. of sleep to stay up and take care of the kids I am that sick. I really wish we had help or had the money for a stay in nanny right now because I just cry and now I am coughing up blood and it is SO scary. On a happy note this morning my husband left me a card on the dinner table with a sweet teddy bear on the card said I know it must be hard Having to stop Everything for a while and just focus on getting better. But whenever you find yourself worrying about the million and one things you think you should be doing instead, just remember.....this time is for you. Your time to rest.Your time to heal.And nothing is more important then that. BECAUSE YOU ARE IMPORTANT! When other people get sick I am ready to go around and back to help them feel better or help them out in any way I can but so far my husband is the only one who has done that for me and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I ask that you pray not only for me but for my mother who is even more sick then I am and has been in and out of the doctor all month for Pneumonia I would hop on a plane and help her out but for now we need to get better.