Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrifty Headband Crafts

Yesterday I was thinking about what I was going to do next on my blog. I thought so much I got so frustrated and it seemed like nothing was working out the way I wanted until I remembered I had been wanting to do some headbands!! I know EVERYONE has a headband tutorial but mine only cost me about 25 cents to make. I had bought an 8 pack of headbands at the dollar store two years ago and never used them first of they were all horrible colors and NOT for an adult woman so I grabbed my supplies and went to work.

You will need:
1.Headbands(Dollar Store)
2.Glue Gun
3.Old Shirt or Scraps of fabric
4.Sewing machine
Can you see the ugly purple and shiny colored headband? I think it would be adorable on a child but on myself it would not work.

For the first one I took fabric scraps and cut thin strips of white fabric I used my hot glue and glued the fabric to the headband and just wrapped till it was covered all the way. I then took my scrap fabric *contrasting* and cut one long strip of fabric and interfacing the same size. I folded the fabric and sewed down the middle. After that I hot glued my pleated piece to the headband and it was ready to be worn!!

I used the same fabric I used from my scarf tutorial to wrap this one...simple but beautiful.

This one is just white and I left the fabric to fray because I LOVE a frayed headband.
I I used jersey fabric and made a braid then hot glued it to the headband for this one.

Here is another pleated headband 
I took a 40 inch strip of fabric and make it wide enough because your folding it in half length wise and running a gather stitch along the unfinished end then gather it and glue it to a round of felt. I glued a button and attached it to a bobby pin.

The braided 
Plain jersey fabric wrapped headband

A closer look at my pleated headband.

And that is it I made all of the headbands in about 30 min but I am a mother of two very active boys so it may be quicker if you don't have two crazy monsters running around ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Third Crafty Feature!

Here is the link to my craft on

Friday, January 27, 2012

Genuine Monster Spray Tutorial

Do you have children? At some point they become little sponges and their imaginations run wild and from books to television they will see "monsters" both happy and mad. I love to snuggle my children at night as much as the next, but my oldest is 5 going on 6 this year and it seems the only excuse of never sleeping in their room is "Mommy I am scared of the monsters". I have recently moved my children in together and now they get to have slumber parties with each other every night! I made everything really fun for them and when bed time comes around they gladly go to the bedroom and lay in bed but it is like clock work 20 minutes in I hear "MOMMY MOMMY HELP" and then I remembered this post I saw somewhere a year ago about a woman who put water in a spray bottle and decorated her own label for kids scrapes and cuts so if the "it's ok" and the "walk it off" doesn't get them to calm down they just spray their spray and it is like a fun placebo for children.....which brings me to my craft GENUINE MONSTER SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * IT'S SURE TO KEEP THE MONSTERS AWAY* Materials: Paper, Printer, Scissors, Mod Podge, Spray Bottle and Paint
First using google I searched Monsters Inc and then copied the picture to MS Word then I printed and cut the paper. I Mod Podged it to the bottle and on one I used paint to make dots all around then filled it with water. YOUR DONE! Now take your children outside and make a fun day out of it and spray it around the outside of the house and be sure to spray under the bed and in the closet. I hope everyone likes this fun little craft it is sure to keep the kids happy and might even give mommy a good night sleep ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My No Sew Square Scarf Tutorial

After a whole month of searching and hours wasted looking every kind of keyword in every search engine just to find a tutorial to make those cute scarfs that I see on everyone that look like a triangle. I was so bummed and desperate to have one of my own then a light bulb went off.....DUH go online to a website selling them and find the measurements of the one I like it is just a square yet no one in the world can make a stupid tutorial so I AM! you pretty much make a square and put your trimming on and here is how it looks. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do.
Materials Needed: 1.Iron 2.Light Fabric of your choice (double sided) 3.Heat n Bond hem tape 4. Scissors 5.Pom Pom Trim 6.Fabric Glue I am not even going to do a picture tutorial on this one because it is so easy a child can do it! First you want to take the fabric lay it on a flat surface then with a yard stick measure a square 40"x 40". After that get your iron and hem tape and hem all four sides....YOUR ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take your trim and fabric glue and I used my fingers to put the glue then press the trim and YOU ARE DONE.( I put trim on only two sides) 1.because I am BROKE cheap 2.Because I was rushing to get it finished so I could pick my little man up from school. I put that it on and rushed out the door and got so many compliments on my walk to the kids pick up :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching Up

Brandon's family friends came in to town for a bit and we were able to see them and catch up it was a lot of fun seeing everyone together here are a few that have been posted that I took to post on the blog!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Square Cushion

Click pictures to read the tutorial!!!
You will need: 1.2 pieces of fabric 20" x 20" 2.4 pieces of fabric 20" x 10" 3.You will need to iron to the fabric interfacing to keep the shape* I used Pellon Craft Fuse but only because I had cotton fabric on me you could use any upholstery fabric and that would would would cut your time in half not having to iron on and cut the extra interfacing* 4.Matching thread and sewing machine

Friday, January 13, 2012

Seat Belt Pillow DIY~ Look What I Made

Seat Belt Pillow DIY~ Look What I Made

Athriftymom ^Featured my pillow DIY so go check it out!
~Carissa Lurcook

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Seat belt Pillow

I am pretty sure EVERY mom has had those moments where you look back at your child in the car and their heads are in such a horrible position you just want to find a way to strap their heads upright so they can sleep more comfortable in the car....that brings me to this post and it was inspired by this Pin on Pintrest it was not a tutorial instead it was a store where you can buy one and I thought I could make this EASY and I DID!!!!!!!
1.Cut two 26"x6" pieces of fleece
2.Cut six 9" pieces of ribbon *make sure to burn the ends to prevent fray
3.You will zig zag stitch all the way around leaving an opening to stuff
4.Hand stitch the ribbon on and VOILA ENJOY!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lets just say most of my ideas come from pintrest I saw this really cute jet pack diy on there and I ended up using two 2liter bottles and I used aluminum foil for the jet part then taped it together and used red crepe paper for the flames!! then taped ribbon to it and voila tuns of fun for my kids!!!

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial

I was on Pintrest and found this cute little Toilet Paper Holder thing and I was so excited because I thought the link had a tutorial but come to find it DID NOT so this beginner sewer decided to not only do it myself from scratch but to make my first tutorial EVER! GAHHHH!!!!!! So what you will need is: A sewing machine Scissors Pen Measuring Tape Pins One 13x43 piece of fabric 4 pieces of ribbon 9inch length any size ribbon you would like Directions: First I took a yard of fabric I liked and measured 13x43 and cut I then folded it in half length wise(right sides together) and Ironed it flat. Then I sewed a straight stitch length wise and then pulled it right side out and ironed it flat.
I then folded the long piece in half and marked two measurements 8 1/2 from the bottom for two double rolls to fit into!
You just stitch across
In this step you want to fold the raw edges inward and cut four strips of ribbon 9 inches long
tuck the two pieces of ribbon an inch into the little fabric sandwich and do the same with the other side then pin it and sew across the top using 1/2 seam allowance and then sew downward to seal that top piece so you cant see the ribbon from the side( sorry if this is hard to understand but I have been sewing less then a month email or comment if you need more help)