Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Graduation and Tonights Good Times

Brandon is now officially a "Certified" Correctional Officer and received the firearms award (TOP SHOOTER) and academics award......boy am I proud of my husband he is such a hard worker and it was so much fun to celebrate him I don't think he knows how proud so many people are of the man he is but we love you Brandon you are so honest,loving,honorable and so much more I just want you to know how much we love you and appreciate you not only being a great best friend your a great son,father,brother and provider LOVE YOU BABY

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little More...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Few Good Pics

Just to let everyone know there are two new posts under this one and I just wanted to post a few pics I just took of the boys both playing SUPER HERO


Yesterday we picked the kids up from Nana and Papas house where they spent the night and Carol said she would do a Birthday dinner and make me a cake for my birthday so later that night she came over just Her,Grandma and Cami came over Dad was really sick the night before and throwing up and Spencer and Kaitlyn had a one year anniversary to celebrate!! so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO SPENCER AND KAITLYN!! then she ordered us some Yummy pizza and we watched a game show and some Sponge bob haha who doesn't love Sponge bob after that Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim stopped by and every one talked for a bit and we did the cake the boys really wanted to put the candles on the cake so that is what they did Ryan even got to put one on and well he just shoved it in haha it was so funny we just left it the way he had put it and lit it up!! I am so happy I had a wonderful night thank you everyone for showing up and making me feel special I love spending my birthdays with family and it made me so happy....Carol YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!! Here are some pics of the cake...enjoy!!

Birthday and Five Year Anniversary Surprise!!

I woke up on my birthday to my hubby saying "Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary" he gave me a kiss and went to the gym after he left I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up till about 9 and I fed the kids breakfast and wasn't feeling well still we all had the flu for a long time and I still couldn't breathe well but I decided that today was my/our day and I was going to make myself have energy and I ran upstairs got dressed and played with the boys they said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY" about 100 times and I LOVED IT even Ryan said it then the hubby took us for lunch and out just to walk around after we headed home and Brandon begged me to go to Walmart to see if they would fix his watch I bought him for our one year anniversary and I went what I didnt know was he was on the phone making some extra surprises happen for us I MEAN HE WENT ALL OUT AND MADE IT OUR BEST ANNIVERSARY YET and I had no idea what he had planned.....OK so I got home and he said he was going to get dressed and for me to get my pretty dress on and get ready because we are going out haha I was SOOO excited we dropped off the kids at Nana Lurcooks and headed out I closed my eyes until we got to where we were going Brandon had made reservations at THE MELTING POT!!!!!! and when we got to our booth he ordered me some wine and they had flowers and a card waiting he ordered the biggest thing they had and for desert was White Chocolate Creme Brule which was TO DIE FOR...Brandon even had them make a desert plate with Happy Anniversary on it and a candle they took our picture for us and printed it while we ate and put it in a wonderful frame and even sent us home with chocolate bar for us to make fondue at home and a gift bag which was SOOO sweet he had stuff coming all night then he made me close my eyes again and I thought we were headed home after a long dinner BUT NOOOO he had made reservations at the ANNIVERSARY INN to stay the night he packed my clothes while I was at the store and he packed them so well he had rose pedals and romantic music playing as I entered the room he made me clothes my eyes and walked me in the room as well and then the bed even had a rose waiting for me SOO SWEET it was the Hollywood Suite which was beautiful it had a soda machine in it and a huge tv there was Apple Cider chilled by the bed and a sign with our names on it that said "WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD BRANDON & CARISSA" and there was cheesecake in the fridge and yummy cookies we got our comfy robes on and sat down and watch Wipeout which is the funniest show ever!! and had a good hour of laughs then we rented two movies to our room The Italian Job and What Happens In Vegas they delivered the movies to our door and made us popcorn as well...needless to say we had an amazing night and had tons of laughs we even played some games and Brandon beat me royally in a game of War hahaha I had the best night of my life I was so relaxed and had no worries of everyday MommyHood I didnt have to clean or change diapers I was pampered and I was with my best husband did such a great job planning this out he is the best husband ever I love him so much

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Quick One

No pictures to post since we have been sick and have not done anything but the kids and I are still very sick and just trying to take it day by day...we have a bunch of fun things coming up though in two days it will be my birthday and our FIVE year anniversary I can't believe it has been FIVE years already Brandon is taking me on a fancy date and then he has a graduation coming up a few days after that the kids and I are heading to VA for a very long trip we sure will miss the hubby and wish he could come with us but I will be updating from VA to so Brandon can see what we have been up to and thats it for now I will do my big Anniversary post tomorrow =)