Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lurcook Pic Update

This is how I find my little men every night 

The picture Cadon made 

Brandon reading to the boys

Ryan right before we headed to Nana's for a slumber party

Skype with my girls

My little man and I 

My little left handed artist 

Date night with my hubby 

curling my hair from now on 


Ryan is doing so well at making people 

Keeping up with my Instagram Photo Challenge today's challenge was a photo of my handwriting and I decided to try a new style and write a quote I liked.

Ryan made a Gnome

Slumber Party @ Nana & Papa's 

The End.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beautiful Morning

Last night at midnight I got a call from Brandon and he told me to look outside and see how cool the tree looked outside of our house and it was so beautiful. I couldn't wait to show the kids in the morning!!

This is a picture from in my neighborhood and it was magical breathtakingly magical.

Our car read a solid 0 this morning....YIKES! 

Tried to take pictures with my phone but it was really dark at 7 in the morning and had to edit this with my phone to get it this bright.

On our way to school

The line to drop kids off 

* On another note * Cadon had his first art class yesterday and he LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! He is first working on a Vincent van Gogh first then a family portrait following by a pop art type. He had a blast and for those who know Cadon know that the paintings will be amazing. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game Time With My Boys!

Two posts today I think I am on a roll. The kids have been playing together today without attempting to murder each other and that has made me a very very very happy mom. I got my cleaning done and thought wow look at the mess they made and then I noticed they like to take the toys dump them out and then lose interest and go make another mess. Then an idea hit me lets make their toys extra fun and add some stuff to their games. We set up the Angry Birds Track then I had the boys put their Squinkees on them and everyone got a turn and we counted everything that fell off as a point and made a game of it! 

Here they are setting it up

The launch area

The first obstacle 


The second obstacle

The third obstacle

Picture Dump 2013

Thursday Cadon had a snow day and spent the afternoon playing with with friends down the street for a few hours. When I went to check on him I found him in our backyard having a snowball fight with our neighbors boy!

We set up Ryan's Angry Birds Jenga game and played 

This is how the boys fell asleep last night

Daddy gave Ryan this PVC Pipe to help him climb the slide

Ryan playing with his cars

Attempting to slide down our slide 

Brandon made steps 

Spencer blowing out his candles.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Pics

Ryan and I went outside and enjoyed the snow for 3 hours we shoveled and played we even took a walk around the neighborhood in the snow.

He was so excited

And this is how I caught him every time I turned to look at him...he just loved munching on the snow from his gloves and since we had no snow gloves I double and triple gloved him.

He pushed his car around in the snow

Do you see that chicken on that stick?? He has been obsessed with eating only food that is straight from the freezer and completely frozen so that was his lunch yesterday.


Me and my boyfriend

While playing games with everyone Cadon snuggled Papa

The kids reading 


Snow angels 

Hahaha his spoonula aka snow ball launcher and his lunch

Picking Cadon up at school yesterday and all the parents commented on how he looks like a different boy.

After we picked Cadon up I then went out for another two hours and built a snow slide in the front yard and forgot that we dont own a snow sled or board thing to use.