Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party

This past Saturday we were invited to two costume parties so we dropped the kids off at Nana and Papa's house and had ourselves a good time.

The girls watching the hubbies play. 

Half of the party got into really heated games of Flip Cup.

Here is a picture of Brandon(left) and the guy he dressed up as from The Strangers(right)

I got my makeup done for the party!

Brandon and I before we left Nana and Papa's

My two good friends Liz and Sarah.

And the three amigos Mark/Cody/Brandon

The girls from party number one.

The men from party number one.

Chelsea and Erica *Despite being prego they stayed all night and partied with us*

The men Tim/Tavis/Joe/Kevin/Brandon/Devin

My main laddies Lori/Amanda/Jamie. Lori is Amanda and Jamie's mom and she is also my neighbor. Amanda is our great friend from softball where her husband and Brandon played together. Jamie is Amanda's sister who turned out to be the mother of Cadon's friend Quinn who has been in Cadon's class since Kindergarten. 

This was the cutest couples costume and they were Darla and Alfalfa 

That was it just another great night with great friends.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 Lurcook Pumpkins!

Today we headed to Nana and Papa's house where we carved our pumpkin's. Cadon decided he wanted Iron Man and Ryan wanted Lightning Mcqueen from the Disney Cars movie.Brandon wanted something really funny this year but couldn't find one that he really liked so I ended up picking out something and I wanted to do something that I hadn't seen before and after searching online I found a picture of a family around a fire pit made of pumpkins and it was from a magazine and I thought it looked so cool I just had to do it. 
The picture above it the picture from the magazine ^

Ryan and daddy hard at work.

Cadon even carved his pumpkin *for about a minute*

And my pumpkin

Here is Ryan's Lightning pumpkin!!! It came out great.

And here is Cadon's pumpkin that I carved!! I was freaking out because it was so hard to cut those little pieces that barely connect and I thought I would ruin his pumpkin but I didn't and it came out great.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hanging Mummy DIY

After my brilliant idea to make Halloween window stickers I noticed how cute the stickers looked but now I have a huge door that was pretty empty so I decided to go on Pinterest and see if I could find a cute DIY Halloween door decoration when I stumbled across this------------------------------>
Only problem is I had one tiny roll of white streamer paper leftover from Cadons birthday. Which brings me to my next craft the Hanging Door Mummy! *Inspired by the picture above* 
You will need:
A Canvas *The bigger the better*
1 roll of crepe paper 
Wrapping Paper
Staple Gun
White and Black Cardstock

This is what the back of it looks like after it is finished...looks messy but the front is all that matters.

I used wrapping paper so that I could reuse the canvas after Halloween was over with.

You will need a door hook to hang the mummy on

1) Wrap the canvas with a solid color wrapping paper.
2) Take your crepe paper and wrap around till the canvas is covered.
3) Staple the crepe paper to the back of the canvas to keep everything in place.
4) Find two round objects your desired size for the eyes of the mummy then cut and glue on.
5) Hang it up and you're done!!!

Quick Halloween Craft

Easy Halloween Decorations
I have been wanting to decorate my front door for Halloween for years but with me being cheap I just can't bring myself to buy anything. Today a brilliant idea hit me * light bulb moment* and I thought to myself I could  make spooky stickers to decorate the windows. I know window clings are cheap but do they ever stay on very long? NO. I first drew up some shapes that I liked then I grabbed this chalkboard paper I had bought years ago from Goodwill for .99 cents and cut my shapes. I cleaned the windows first and put them on! The sticky part of it will NOT leave a nasty gooey residue and you can make them any size or shape you want. You can make them for the kids to stick on the windows and since they are made of chalkboard paper you can draw on them after you are done with Halloween you can save them and reuse by sticking them to the non waxy side of wax paper. This concept works for any season any occasion!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Fun Day at Farmstead

 Yesterday we had a family fun night and after dinner we took the kids to the Farmstead! We spent all night there and we all had so much fun. Here are the pictures from our little trip.

The corn maze where it felt like we were lost in for years..but the kids didn't even notice because they were having so much fun.

Daddy and Ryan sitting on a big rocking chair

My boys

The Monster 

Ryan and I going into the monster

Bouncing on the big pillow bounce

Shooting the big pumpkin cannon!

Brandon helping Cadon shoot

The cow train

We even saw Titi Cami there and played a game of tether ball