Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hanging Mummy DIY

After my brilliant idea to make Halloween window stickers I noticed how cute the stickers looked but now I have a huge door that was pretty empty so I decided to go on Pinterest and see if I could find a cute DIY Halloween door decoration when I stumbled across this------------------------------>
Only problem is I had one tiny roll of white streamer paper leftover from Cadons birthday. Which brings me to my next craft the Hanging Door Mummy! *Inspired by the picture above* 
You will need:
A Canvas *The bigger the better*
1 roll of crepe paper 
Wrapping Paper
Staple Gun
White and Black Cardstock

This is what the back of it looks like after it is finished...looks messy but the front is all that matters.

I used wrapping paper so that I could reuse the canvas after Halloween was over with.

You will need a door hook to hang the mummy on

1) Wrap the canvas with a solid color wrapping paper.
2) Take your crepe paper and wrap around till the canvas is covered.
3) Staple the crepe paper to the back of the canvas to keep everything in place.
4) Find two round objects your desired size for the eyes of the mummy then cut and glue on.
5) Hang it up and you're done!!!


Derek and Lori

Love it Carissa. You do such a great job being creative on a budget. It really makes your home more unique when you make the decorations. Keep up the good work.

Love ya.....Aunt Lori


What a great idea!! I love how you took inspiration from a picture and made it your own using the materials you had on hand. You always have such creative ideas!


Very Cute!!!!