Thursday, June 28, 2012


Cadon's last game was today it was so sad as I watched my baby play I thought of all the fun times and new friends we made. I had a blast being Team Mom and Brandon got to coach our little man. Cadon really went out with a bang because he was on his game today he hustled made some great stops and was in the zone. Thanks to Brandons parents who made it their priority to come out and watch Cadon play every game and to everyone else who came out to cheer him on it was so nice of you guys to be there for him and it sure does make him happy knowing his family was there.Here are the pictures from my SIL camera from the game they came to don't remember which one it was but they came out great.


my stud muffin

Getting ready to bat 

The best part of the whole game is the after game snacks isn't it?

Daddy giving Cadon pointers 

He rushed out to Paiton and picked her up he was so excited she came out to cheer him on!!!

Just relaxing in the field 


Ryan and his cute jeans 

Checking out the ants 



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


For all my friends an family who know Cadon has already lost four teeth and is now loosing THREE more GAHH he is turning 6 I remember my big girl teeth taking much longer to come out and grow in he really needs to just stop growing :(

Father's Day Questions

This year I found this printable on Pinterest and just had to add it to our list of doing every Father's Day! I asked both my boys questions about Brandon *Daddy* and every year I will do this and keep it so my husband and I can see how their answers change through the years.

My Daddy's name is: Brandon
My Dad is: 26 years old.
His hair is: Brown and his eyes are: Blue
My Dad's favorite food is: Meat
Daddy's favorite color is: Red
My Dad likes to wear: His pants
My Dad's job is: A cop
He loves to eat: Potatoes
He's smart because he knows: IT
My Dad works hard at: The jail where he works at
Daddy always tells me: Secrets
I'm happy when Daddy: Takes me to the park
I love my Daddy because: He works so much!

Ryan Jacob
My Daddy's name is: Poopie
My Dad is: 5 years old.
His hair is: Green and his eyes are: Blue
My Dad's favorite food is: Costumes
Daddy's favorite color is: Black
My Dad likes to wear: Shirts
My Dad's job is: A Police Officer
He loves to eat: Orange
He's smart because he knows: IT
My Dad works hard at: The Yard 
Daddy always tells me: NO
I'm happy when Daddy: Takes me to the water park
I love my Daddy because:Me love him so much!!!!!

This cracks me up Daddy is a 5 year old! Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day I know we did. This Father's Day weekend we spent 9 1/2 hours at the baseball field in 90 degree weather watching my husband play a baseball tournament and I got to hang out with all the wives and cheered the men on. Then around 7 we dropped the kids off to stay the night at Brandon's parents house so we could go on a date and it was my first date in 7 months so I was very excited...we went to Olive Garden then to the movies to see The Avengers which was GREAT I want to go see it again. We woke up the next day bright and early for another baseball game then had lunch with friends and after that headed to my in laws to hang out and pick up the boys...we then were invited to the Locke house for BBQ dinner and Cake to celebrate all the wonderful Dad's in our life. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phone Pictures Update 6/14

I have not been updating much so I thought I would share some pictures from my phone.

I never spend money on myself and don't even spend my birthday money on myself I would rather spend the money on day out with the kids so when I found this mint nail polish at Walmart I jumped in happiness then quickly put in down but Brandon wouldn't give it up so the day after he ended up buying it for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color!! Thanks hubby 

My handsome little baby boy who is turning 6 yes 6 in July!!

Ryan riding the big boy slide for the first time at Roaring Springs and daddy catching him

Cadon the STACKER

Ryan looking so cute with his curls at the water park...I know everyone was bummed I cut his beautiful curly hair but when wet it was about 3 inches below the shoulder blade it was LONG and got in his face. I just know it is curly for life because I have given him  buzz cut before and it grew back just as curly or not curlier .

Ryan watching African Cats in his Cars chair Titi Krystal,Uncle Jay Jay and Kylina got him.

It is amazing what a scarf can do for a little boy can turn him into a NINJA

We made cake pops for the first episode of Teen Wolf  season 2

Cadon the Pirate 

Wow Wow Wubzy for the kids with chalk

Being silly

BEST FRIENDS Ryan just loves MAYA just look at his smile

In this house if you are playing dead the only way to wake them up is with a kiss!


My sweet boys 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY photo made for Brandon  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Father's Day Gift DIY

I spent all night thinking how I was going to come up with a Father's Day gift for all the fathers in my family that they would LOVE so I came up with taking my kids photos and using sidewalk chalk as the prop. I headed down to my local park and parked in the parking lot then on the other parking spot beside me I started to draw I then stood on my car and snapped two pics each of the kids since the ground was hot and got my picture!! I used photobucket to edit and printed at my local Walmart and you can use them as the gift card or frame them but it is sure to get tons of WOW THAT IS SO COOL! The woman at the photo counter was amazed at how they came out.

And for those who are wondering YES I am well aware I made a mistake I was rushing before the hubby woke up but it is an easy fix with Photobucket so those who don't know what I am talking about always is spelled with one L!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bodybuilding Expo

Today was the Bodybuilding Expo in Boise we went last year and came back with SO MUCH FREE STUFF it was unreal I think I got like 15 full size protein bars that I just loved and tons of free energy drinks but this year we didn't see the same samples....but we did score about six shirts and nine shaker cups that we really do use everyday in this house. Here is a picture of the stuff we got.

Bath Time

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ryan Getting His Hair Cut

Here is a video that Cadon took while I cut Ryans hair and keeping his brother entertained!! They both were amazing I am so lucky to have such good boys.

Another Day In The Lurcook Household

Today the boys and I decided it was time to cut Ryans hair...his hair is SO SO SO SO curly * Hispanic blood* and when wet it is longer then his shoulder blades and he was getting tired of the long hair so I got him ready but putting a small chair in the middle of the tub and then putting Cadon on video camera duty and operation keep Ryan still and he did an amazing job at that!!! THANKS BUDDY! It took me an hour to finish his hair I had to first wet then blow dry,trim with hair scissors,clip with clippers on longest length,then go over the head another time with a shorter length and finally trim his sideburns and the back of his neck area to get a clean look. I think I did great for only doing his hair twice and Ryan sat still the whole time he just loved when I put the blow drier on and blew away his hair hahaha now he went from looking like my little baby to looking like a MAN in an hour I even had to wash him with daddy's Axe Body Wash and spray his pits with Axe body spray so he can be a big boy. 



After the big hair cut the boys wanted a nice bubble bath and wanted to be scientists so I got their science kits and they played for a good half an hour NO JOKE 

Cadons Elvis hair

Hard at work 

Look mom my Cartoons are on

I can NOT get over that Cadon will be 6 in a month and he is my mini me everything about him is ME and he is such a STUD MUFFIN 

Hahaha This is Ryans face as soon as his cartoons came on