Friday, September 28, 2012


When I was young I would always love to sketch I was always told that I would be an artist among other things but due to making a family I never had the chance to go to school for it. Cadon asked me if I would teach him how to make an eye. I have NEVER made an eye like this before and I made this one with a golf pencil you know the 3 inch pencil with no eraser and I think it came out great!!! Cadon studied my drawing and he tried his best at making one as well. 

^ Here is my drawing

^ Here is Cadon's drawing.....I had to pick my jaw off the floor because I was so proud of him. He truly is a creative kid just like his mommy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today my boys changed my oil and I snapped this picture with my ipad!

Ryan really loves cars and he loves fixing his own as well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Felt Book

I have not been my usual crafty self since I sewed my finger with the sewing machine a few months ago. I have been wanting to make something for the boys and since they LOVE books I thought I would make them one. I have seen the fabric quiet book on Pinterest but there were never any specific instructions so I went with felt. I don't think I am ready for a sewing project and felt doesn't fray and it is easy to cut. I asked the boys if they could make four pages what would be on them...Cadon said he wanted tic tac toe, a dress up knight, a page he could build his own ice cream cone and a page with Mr.Potato Head. Ryan said the same things except instead of a Mr.Potato Head he wanted a car. *GO FIGURE* While Cadon was at school Ryan and I decided to spend the day working on his book and no joke it took us 3 1/2 hours and we still haven't bound the book together. I am so excited to show you what the pages look like.

Here is what it looked like once everything was cut out and set up the way I wanted!

This is the Tic Tac Toe page and because I can't cut the letter X in layers I decided to go for squares.

Here is the Ice Cream Page and I LOVE IT!! You can change the flavors and place them in the pouch when you're done. I will be adding sprinkles and decorations another day.

And here is the Car Page...I am so glad it came out alright because my car body shape was a little funky till I got it right.

And my favorite the Knight Page with the little pouch on the side. Every thing was hot glued on and I used Velcro for all the accessories so everything comes off and the kids can put it together like a puzzle * I am adding other clothes to it just in case they get tired of the knight* Once I finish the cover page I will sew the felt pages together by hand and bind it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phone Pics 9/23/12

The kids and I spent a few hours outside playing and they thought it would be fun to get their picture taken on top of my car.

The kids at Nana and Papa's *Paiton was resting her head on Cadon the whole time it was so adorable*

Papa playing trouble with the boys

We took the kids to the park and checked out the ducks.We even saw an otter it was so cute.

My boys snuggling 

Quinn being a little ham

Ryan rushed over to his daddy and asked if he could help him pack his lunch!

Ryan was playing with Cadon yesterday and he looked so cute so I had to get some pics of my muscle man.


His muscles 

The boys and I took a walk yesterday and Cadon always wants a picture of him on top of this rock so here it is.

Ryan flying the helicopter

Ryan playing with his friends

We checked out the horses and if you know me I am kind of afraid of horses so after the kids had pet the horses a while I thought I would try and I went in what does the horse do? it freaks out! 

Ryan was so brave

The guys got in on petting the horses but were more fascinated with the electric fence hahaha so of course they had to touch it.

That was our weekend!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Weekend

Today the boys and I headed to the Meridian Block Party at Settlers Park which we have gone to for three years now and the kids just love it...we spent a few hours there and decided to pick Brandon up after he had his gym time and go to the water park. The kids got matching tattoos thanks to an Ipad app I just downloaded

They jumped into the airplane bounce house

Cadon surfing away

Ryan even tried it out 

And Cadon HAD to sunbathe his favorite thing to do in the summer

This is how my kids go down slides

And that was it for today now I am probably going to turn my heating pad on for a few hours because this past month has been so stressful for us and my fibro pain is out of control yesterday I couldn't even keep my body weight up my legs were shaking and my back was in horrible pain and I have had a migraine for three days now. I hope one day insurance at least our crappy one would cover a half an hour massage for people who have a serious illness such as mine or my husband suddenly decided he would like to become a masseuse and practice on me!!