Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Night

Today was date night and I took Cadon to see the Smurfs at the dollar movie theater. We had so much fun but it had me thinking about the last time I had a date with Ryan and I thought NEVER when I have him because Brandon takes Cadon on a date he usually falls asleep and naps for the entire time they are gone or is not into the park which is odd but he doesn't want to do fun things without his brother and he is horrible in movie theaters so next month I think I might plan a big night out just him and I maybe dinner together and some ice cream after then cartoonies in bed =) what do you think? Brandon and I love to take our kids one on one and spend quality time with them and let them know how special they both have to enjoy the little moments in life and even though money does not grow on trees and is foreign in our house our kids appreciate the time spent playing at the park,chasing duckies,skipping rocks,making bubble snakes,playing with playdo,painting outside with mommy and our kids are our everything we love them so much. If you have not taken your kids on mommy daddy dates lately you should it is truly rewarding seeing your children get excited to get one on one time with you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Party

Tonight we had a pumpkin party with all the family and the kids

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mason Jar Night Lights and Flu Shots

Today was a VERY long day...last night I had a headache all night and could NOT fall asleep I had this racing in my heart like when your about to give a speech or hit someone then with my everyday fibro pain my body hurts ten times as bad at night. I woke up a few hours later with the same headache and then got the kids ready around 8am because we had to head to Meridian and get them some flu shots =(. I had some boys winter clothes from when the boys were babies and I took them to Kids Again to trade them in to get the boys some pants for winter. My boys have always owned only two pairs of shoes max and three pants max. so they were in NEED of some weather appropriate clothing. My trade in was not much at all but I was able to get my boys both a pair of pants and a little "after shot treat". We headed to rent Captain America and headed home. So today was our family movie day! But before the night ended I decided to do a little fun craft with them!!!!!!!!! I took some washed spaghetti sauce jars and filled them with glow sticks I had to tape the tops so they couldn't get them opened but then they got to shake them up and use them as night lights ALL night =) They are tucked in their beds and ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to the pumpkin patch.
If you look closely you can see their faces.....SO EXCITED

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rings For Sale

I have great news my rings will now be available for sale!! I have posted up the different styles of rings and you can mix and match the colors I will need your colors,style and,ring size. My name is Carissa and I will be doing all purchases with paypal and to contact me you may email me at have done A LOT of searching around for the rings I am making and they sell for 35-60 dollars without shipping but I want to start selling mine for 15 dollars a piece for any style! Shipping will cost extra if out of country but if in the USA I will ship it for free.

Ring #2

Here is my second attempt at the ring with real ring wire and NO pre made ring hoop I made this ring with wire only and it is one piece

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pearl Ring Craft

I saw this ring on Pintrest that was a wire ring but in the shape of a heart it was simple and elegant yet beautiful and I thought hmm I wanted to make a ring myself I did not make the heart ring because I dont have the tools or the jewelry I go again making things with stuff I already have and I thought I have PICTURE MOUNTING WIRE!!!!!!! not the same but I thought I would give it a try. I had this OLD necklace with metal circles and it just so happens one was my ring size so I clipped it and grabbed a pearl I LOVE and with my hands I wrapped it around and around till I had this wire nest effect and then tied it around the ring and VOILA!!!!!!!!!! It came out beautiful and people would pay so much for this but you can make it yourself with things you have for FREE And for those who need a tutorial I can't help ya it is way to hard to wrap wire that small and take pictures but let your imagination take over and i'm sure it will come out beautiful

Apple Picking 2011

Yesterday was a very big day for us in the Lurcook home! Every year we have a family tradition of going apple picking and then getting ice cream at arctic circle after. We left around 2:30 pm and headed to a orchard we had not been to. The orchard we always go to was closed on saturdays which was a bummer but when you have your family its more like an adventure and I LOVE apple picking every year. The first orchard seemed to be fresh out of all apples =( so we took off to find another one and found one tucked in the middle of no where that actually used the honor system and you pay the "cow" which was a little mailbox cow you put the money in. We ended up getting some yummy apples and even plums!! Here is the picture of our little family yesterday:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Charm Bracelet

This morning I had about 10 min to do a craft because the kids were coloring pictures and I decided to make a cute little charm bracelet and use buttons in my favorite color!
1.Start with a chain bracelet I bought mine pre made for about 1 dollar with a coupon at a craft store
2. Attach the square hardware to the buttons
3.Voila you have yourself a REALLY cute bracelet and you can make them chunky or space them out like I did you could even add to it and make it a gift!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday we spent the day outside and the boys decided to wash the car together and this is a perfect picture to describe MY BOYS!!!! ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS

Fun With My Boys

A fun craft to do with your kiddos is to blow up balloons and fill them with glow stick after that tie them and draw faces with sharpie and hang them up!!!!!!! Happy Crafting

What are little boys made of?

I wanted to paint today so I used on of my favorite rhymes and this is what I came up with.....
1.First grab a canvas I used a flat 8x10 canvas
2.Get some stickers ANY will do and I decided to put mine along the edges
3.I first spray painted clear varnish on it then when that dried I painted a Robbin Egg blue on top
4.After the paint dries then peel off the stickers
5.Apply a nice coat of Mod Podge on the back of the photo and place it where ever you like
6.I hot glued some magnets to the back
7.Hang it up on your fridge and voila A BEAUTIFUL CRAFT

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pom Pom Craft

Well I was going for the three like in the picture I found online but I cut my finger open with an EXACTO knife =( I have cut myself about three times this week and the hubby took about 10 min to help me out and snatched it out of my hands and cut me off hahaha OH OH and the last one that I cut myself trying to make actually broke and made a huge mess so two is what I will stick with and I am not doing any more I love it and they are so cute but I will stick with crafts that dont need a knife to make ;) I hope you like how they came out it is even more beautiful in person I love the navy blue and white pom poms with the black and white faded frame!

T Shirt Pom Pom

Today while searching on Pintrest I found this Pom Pom craft made from a t shirt and I decided to make one! I got the idea from (craftaholicsanonymous)
Here is the picture of the pom poms they made!
First things first you need to find a t shirt.
I only used from the arm pit down of the shirt and then cut thin strips....after this step is done you need to cut two pieces of card board in the shape of a (C)You can see what I mean with the picture above. You take one piece of the t shirt and wedge it in the middle of the card board (This is so you can tie it after all is wrapped and cut!
You will want to wrap it three times around and once you do that you can use scissors or use an Exacto knife which is sharper and way faster *Hint* Hold your hand down holding the t shirt in place while cutting.
After you have cut all the way around you take the two pieces that you tucked into the cardboard and tie them tight....all of the fabric will gather. Once you have tied it you can remove the card board and fluff it up!
Next is just to hang and ENJOY!

Popsicle sticks

I covered washed out bean cans with Popsicle sticks and put some ribbon on it and it cost me nothing to make since I think every mom has bought or has Popsicle sticks in their home ;) I plan on putting toothbrushes and my bathroom stuff in them I had glass cups but they just require way to much maintenence and these are just perfect I love how they came out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cookie Stand Craft

I was glueing my necklace together and decided to make a cookie stand real quick and it looks SO CUTE for only two dollars how can ya go husband hates the two tones of the glass stand and the chrome plate so tomorrow I will be spray painting it but I think it looks cute the way it is. All you need is a Dollar Store near by a candlestick,pie pan and, some glue then your all done put some cookies and enjoy!

Learning to sew

Today my mother in law asked me if I would come over so she could teach me how to sew and I was SO EXCITED! Once she got the machine out I was so intimidated I froze up and pretty much did not want to do the sewing I thought I wanted to do =( I guess I will learn to do it and I will have to practice but I was able to sew a few lines and made a little pouch hahaha ;) I had my mother in law sew the elastic part for a ribbon head band and after that fun trial I decided to stick with what I am good at THE GLUE GUN! I made myself this STINKING CUTE necklace with fabric and chain.... I love the colors.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Here are my masterpieces!!!!! I used hot glue for the smallest to get the glass to hold and then I used E6000 which took about 10 hours to cure but the result is AMAZING I love how they came out....I don't know who reads my blog but comments to help me know what you think anyone is welcome to comment I want to know if anyone else is enjoying the things I make!!!

Headband dilemma

Hello my name is Carissa and I LOVE doing crafts the only problem is I don't have money to spend on materials needed and I do NOT know how to sew =) I usually start a project with a simple idea. I then usually go find what I have to work with and then realize the thing I need to make it is not in my possession and I have to improvise and for instance I have never bought fabric in my life I will just use an OLD shirt and use that and instead of sewing I use a hot glue get the point! My creations always come out great! but today I sat beside my kids wondering HOW IN THE WORLD I could make a cute headband without a sewing machine and not knowing how to hand stitch