Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Night

Today was date night and I took Cadon to see the Smurfs at the dollar movie theater. We had so much fun but it had me thinking about the last time I had a date with Ryan and I thought NEVER when I have him because Brandon takes Cadon on a date he usually falls asleep and naps for the entire time they are gone or is not into the park which is odd but he doesn't want to do fun things without his brother and he is horrible in movie theaters so next month I think I might plan a big night out just him and I maybe dinner together and some ice cream after then cartoonies in bed =) what do you think? Brandon and I love to take our kids one on one and spend quality time with them and let them know how special they both have to enjoy the little moments in life and even though money does not grow on trees and is foreign in our house our kids appreciate the time spent playing at the park,chasing duckies,skipping rocks,making bubble snakes,playing with playdo,painting outside with mommy and our kids are our everything we love them so much. If you have not taken your kids on mommy daddy dates lately you should it is truly rewarding seeing your children get excited to get one on one time with you!


Krystal Marie

OH I know! I take Kylina on adventures a lot during the day before work mostly I love it :)

You know what's ironic I was painting with finger paint for the 1st time with Kylina yesterday and she loved it. Then Jacob and I were talking about how cool it would be if Kylina, Cadon and Ryan all could just play together on a regular basis they would be best friends and always have someone to hang out with :( sad we live so far!! I dont like it.. we owe you guys a visit as soon as we can