Friday, October 7, 2011

I Craft Alone

I have been very creative all my life I have ideas on how to make things more functional and even try to make things myself using things I already have since money doesn't grow on trees and my husband is the sole provider of this household.I have been here for a few years and still have yet to meet any friends I spend all of my time running after my two beautiful children and making crafts really helps pass the time. My husband is the sweetest man ever and he supports me and my dreams of someday making crafts and blogging for a living but, to be honest I have no faith in my work. So I want to post them up here no matter how "common" they are or have been done before I do NOT care I will share them on here and I love the feedback I love knowing people everywhere are following my blog and if you have any questions leave me a comment I buy most things dirt cheap and can help if you need info on where I bought it and prices & specific HOW TO's! That is all for now I will be working on my project today and I hope to get it finished to post it up by toni



You have a God-given gift, Carissa. Use it! Find something(s) you love and make more... you can take pictures of your projects and make a portfolio of your crafts. Go to church bazaars, holidays fairs, arts and crafts shows, school events, farmer's market, any community events that allow you to have your own table. You will succeed.