Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mason Jar Night Lights and Flu Shots

Today was a VERY long day...last night I had a headache all night and could NOT fall asleep I had this racing in my heart like when your about to give a speech or hit someone then with my everyday fibro pain my body hurts ten times as bad at night. I woke up a few hours later with the same headache and then got the kids ready around 8am because we had to head to Meridian and get them some flu shots =(. I had some boys winter clothes from when the boys were babies and I took them to Kids Again to trade them in to get the boys some pants for winter. My boys have always owned only two pairs of shoes max and three pants max. so they were in NEED of some weather appropriate clothing. My trade in was not much at all but I was able to get my boys both a pair of pants and a little "after shot treat". We headed to rent Captain America and headed home. So today was our family movie day! But before the night ended I decided to do a little fun craft with them!!!!!!!!! I took some washed spaghetti sauce jars and filled them with glow sticks I had to tape the tops so they couldn't get them opened but then they got to shake them up and use them as night lights ALL night =) They are tucked in their beds and ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to the pumpkin patch.
If you look closely you can see their faces.....SO EXCITED