Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today is Cadon's first day of 1st grade!!! I am so very proud of my little man he is growing so fast and the fact that he loves school and learning makes my heart melt because I know he is such a smart boy and his love for learning will get him far in life. He went to bed the night before around 7:30pm and woke up again at 9:30 and was so excited he could not fall back to sleep so I snuggled him in my bed until he fell back to sleep and as soon as my alarm went off at 6am he POPPED UP and yelled "MOMMY IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!" YAY I was just as excited as he was. I don't have a working camera right now so this is the best I could do with my phone.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eternity Bracelet

I am thinking of adding these bracelets to the jewelry collection @ Live.Laugh.&.Love.Designs! What do you think? I am thinking pricing them for $10 so if you like them be sure and let me know!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Lace Bracelet

This is seriously the easiest bracelet I have ever made. Take some lace trimming then cut to size desired and attach the clasp then your done!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Sister My Best Friend!

I wanted to post this last bracelet I made for my sister! She is my best friend. If you want to make this bracelet go here Word Bracelet Tutorial.

Nautical Rope Bracelet

After finishing my Anchor bracelet I thought I should make something in the same theme and make a Nautical Rope bracelet and I did!!!! I have seen the rope bracelet all over Pinterest but to be honest you need a lot of little findings and to tell you the truth I don't have the money or the time to go to the store so I used what I had and it came out really sturdy and easy to slide on and off. 

To make this bracelet you will need:
Glue Gun
Once you have everything ready take your rope and wrap it around your wrist then add a few inches and cut four strips the same length. You will then make a sailors knot *as shown below*
After that you will pull your rope nice and wrap around your wrist from here your deciding where to cut so you can glue the elastic to the ends to make a cute slip on bracelet. Once you decide where the rope will be cut you will light the ends of the rope to keep the rope from pulling and getting unraveled. I glued the ends together side by side so the rope would stay flat *repeat on both sides*. Take your elastic and measure the length you want it then simply glue to the rope really well and wear!
*Do you see how simple this is? it doesn't need any fancy clasps or expensive findings just a little elastic and you have yourself a CUTE new accessory to wear.*

Anchor Bracelet

Today I wasn't feeling to good so instead of heading to the gym with my husband I decided to stay home and make myself a bracelet. I was at hobby lobby yesterday and found this Anchor charm for $1.47 so I gathered my materials and then went to work. This bracelet took me about 1 minute to make *NOT KIDDING* once I had all my supplies ready. 

First you want to grab your all in one tool like I have or you can get your pliers,wire cutters,chain,charm and two jump rings. 
1)Take your charm off the package and connect one jump ring to the top of the anchor charm and the chain then close the jump ring shut with your pliers.*in the first picture*
2)Wrap the chain around your wrist then around the bottom of the anchor charm and using the last jump ring connect the ends of the chain together pretty snug *in second picture* want the bracelet to fit snug and not slide around when wearing and the bracelet just slips off the bottom of the anchor when you need to take it off!
And that is it you have a brand new bracelet sure to get compliments!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update 8/8

Yesterday we went to the water park with Amy,Aly,Dane,Ashley,Quinn and Paiton. We were only there for an hour or so but it was so much fun the kids just love each other and love spending time together so for me little moments like this make me so happy and fill my heart with love. 
Here is Ashley holding both babies her first "baby" Cadon and her baby Quinny who Cadon is completely infatuated with! He swears on anything Quinn is the cutest kid ever in the whole world including himself.

Quinn was having a rough day and when they were leaving he was crying and crying until Cadon came up and simply put some sunglasses on him.

Here is a picture from the day I spent with my friends mom and her grand babies.

The triangle of loves

All the kids minus Q sunbathing

Cadon right before he had a panic attack at the dentist

Yesterday was Cadon's big dentist appointment where he had to have his tooth filled. He was excited all day but we waited for an hour to be seen and he was tired. As soon as we got seated there were drilling tools out and he cried so the lady rushed in front of him and said "STOP CRYING...I don't want you to scare everyone else" then left I was so pissed. The actual dentist who did his cleaning the first time came by and calmed him down by telling him stories and referencing every day life for children *BECAUSE HE HAS CHILDREN OF HIS OWN* and after that Cadon sat there still as I have ever seen him and left him even stick him with the needle without moving a finger I was about to cry but he showed me just how big he was. I am so freaking proud of my big boy we took him out to Game Stop to get him a game to play. Also Ryan sat on my lap for an hour and a half without making a sound he was such a good boy as well.

My stud muffin about to get a "silver star".

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bohemian Bracelet

Here is my inspiration it is a wrap bracelet and goes around your wrist twice then connects with a button.I wanted to make myself a bracelet with what I had nothing complicated no needles or threading just chord and beads and I saw this beautiful Bohemian Bracelet online and just loved the way it twisted and was something different then the usual leather beaded bracelet that are the big thing right now. I do LOVE the bracelets where they are threaded in the middle just so I am clear but I myself do not have the time or the tools to make one so I made the one in the pictures bellow! To make one yourself the tutorial for the one pictured above click this link --->Bohemian Bracelet Video Tutorial

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Silly Things

This is Cadon on our way home from the water park

Brandon sat down with me and I showed him the funny Ipad photo effects and a few had us laughing so hard 

Leaving the water park

This is a very creepy picture of Brandon and I but the second he looked at it he saw this heart!! Can you spot it?




Cutie pie

Being silly


This one made Brandon laugh so hard 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Rough Day

Cadon has been having the worst day today he just hates that he has a little brother that wants to play with him he hates that his mommy and daddy ask him "to do things" and he has just been having a bad day. This morning I woke up to him torturing Ryan and poor Ryan got hurt because Cadon didn't want to speak to him when they woke up and Ryan was feeling sad. All month Cadon has been acting like a horrible brat and I can not for the life of me figure out why because we have been busy and having fun. I am not ready for this attitude AT ALL and I feel like maybe there is something bigger going on but he wont let me know. Ok now that I have that out of the way this brings me to the funniest thing ever. I went to the store and told the kids they had to stay inside while I left but when I came home Cadon was screaming as if he was being murdered and he was back talking daddy really bad so was put in time out and Brandon said "Do you know what your son just told me?" Ryan had said "Daddy Cadon lost his mind!" hahaha so freaking cute I just love love love my boys. Being a mother may be hard and they might test me every second of the day but I wouldn't give it up for the world. After Cadon calmed down and said he was sorry he went outside and hear the ice cream truck and Brandon ran to get some money just as he got outside they stopped in front of our house and we sat outside for some yummy ice cream.

Our Weekend Fun

This weekend we went to Lori's house *The mother of a friend of ours* who had her grand kids over for the weekend so we decided to run an errand together then make a stop to get them ice cream and then back to her house so the kids could play in the pool. The kids had a blast and it was so much fun hanging out and watching them splash around. The kids wanted to play ninjas so they used my scarfs and tied them around their faces to make masks and ran around the house sword fighting. 

Here they are being ADORABLE

Look at those green eyes.

My ninjas sword fighting

We hit some balls 

And Ryan's new favorite pose 

The boys about to go get ice cream

All the kids Ellary,Gracen,Cadon and Ryan

Fun in the sun