Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A long awaited update for the month of July

I am sorry I have been horrible at blogging once again but our summer has been the most exciting and busy summer we have ever had. Brandon started hangin gout with literally everyone from high school that he grew up with and started to play first as a "fill in" in their softball tournaments and then we ended up spending night and day with this huge group of about 30 plus people who we got closer and closer to and now Brandon is apart of the team which he just LOVES. We have spent hours and hours in the sun watching the guys play and I now have some really great friends so I have been a pretty busy lady myself which is amazing and a long time coming so here is a little bit of the fun we had in July. I will be doing a birthday post for my big boy CADON BO BADEN NEXT!!

Ryan and I playing with the ipad

Brandon took me to this very fancy boutique in Eagle and on our way back we saw this really cool trail that we followed and had a nice hike

Brandon being the best daddy ever reading Ryan a story

Cadon is just a stud

This was the night we spent with the whole softball family and friends a huge group of people and we went to Tucanos and then the Meridian bowling lanes till midnight where they had so much fun and this is how they fell asleep haha

The kids at the water park

Brandon and Matt having tank wars

My boo and I 

The power went out in Nampa for hours and all of the neighborhood kids sat outside and played games

They just love each other

This is 1/4th of the GIANT group of people Cadon,Ryan and I spent with on 4th of July

Showing of their shades

Quade and Ryan on 4th of July

and another 1/4 of the group we partied with 


Tim posing with the kids...he was the one who lit up all the fireworks

This is Lori my friends Mother who spent a few hours with me keeping the kids cool *she is flicking sno cone into his mouth* haha

Myself and damn proud of my weight loss I have to say 

All of the cousins * I LOVE THIS PIC*


This was the night of the power outage and I decided to light fireworks for the neighborhood which I ended up doing for a freaking hour!

Ryan in his new jammies Nani and Papa from Virginia sent him

Cadon lost his 7th tooth today August 1,2012 

Brandon playing with Paiton

Idaho "Beach"

Ryan at our third of July celebration with the Lurcooks

Brandon cutting the cake of the end of the tball season party where he gave out trophies 

This is Brandon shoveling POOP * that's my hubby alright*


Lori again 


The beginning of a horrible idea

Our hike

Banks Beach

The twins playing with fireworks 

This is how that horrible idea ended up looking like*Ashley running to cover Quinn*

Like father like son

4th of July 

Fire works 


Coach Brandon giving a trophy to Cadon


Brandon being himself and hiding in the fountain in the pool

Our hike again

I love this picture but can't tell if it might be creepy to some people *OH WELL*

Tball friends

Quinn seriously posed for this picture
Cadons birthday photo booth

Birthday party

Cadons birthday bonfire at Nana and Papas

Spencer had a blast at Cadon's birthday party playing laddergolf with the men 

Birthday boy love

This is the day we took all the kids to the movies 

Sleepy boy

Paiton and Ryan dancing 

And more dancing