Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update 8/8

Yesterday we went to the water park with Amy,Aly,Dane,Ashley,Quinn and Paiton. We were only there for an hour or so but it was so much fun the kids just love each other and love spending time together so for me little moments like this make me so happy and fill my heart with love. 
Here is Ashley holding both babies her first "baby" Cadon and her baby Quinny who Cadon is completely infatuated with! He swears on anything Quinn is the cutest kid ever in the whole world including himself.

Quinn was having a rough day and when they were leaving he was crying and crying until Cadon came up and simply put some sunglasses on him.

Here is a picture from the day I spent with my friends mom and her grand babies.

The triangle of loves

All the kids minus Q sunbathing

Cadon right before he had a panic attack at the dentist

Yesterday was Cadon's big dentist appointment where he had to have his tooth filled. He was excited all day but we waited for an hour to be seen and he was tired. As soon as we got seated there were drilling tools out and he cried so the lady rushed in front of him and said "STOP CRYING...I don't want you to scare everyone else" then left I was so pissed. The actual dentist who did his cleaning the first time came by and calmed him down by telling him stories and referencing every day life for children *BECAUSE HE HAS CHILDREN OF HIS OWN* and after that Cadon sat there still as I have ever seen him and left him even stick him with the needle without moving a finger I was about to cry but he showed me just how big he was. I am so freaking proud of my big boy we took him out to Game Stop to get him a game to play. Also Ryan sat on my lap for an hour and a half without making a sound he was such a good boy as well.

My stud muffin about to get a "silver star".


Ashley Locke

I'm so proud of you Cadon!! You're such a big boy!! I love ALL of my boys so so much and was so happy to get so many Cadon snuggles yesterday. My first baby boyfriend!!! <3