Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry CHRISTMAS!!

This year we were spoiled thanks to all of our family who sent the kids and even us presents! I sent the Christmas cards three days ago so you should be getting them very soon I HOPE!..This Christmas eve we headed out to the bowling alley which is our Christmas Eve tradition and it was packed and had a waiting list so instead we wen't to Wendys and then headed to Wahooz an indoor arcade we have here Brandon's parents went all out and got a load of coins for EVERYONE TO PLAY and a big thank you to them for that we had a ball!! We all split up Brandon had Cadon,Matt with Spencer,Cami,Mom and dad,Ashley and Paiton and we found tons of cool games to play Cadon ended up wining the jackpot of 100 tickets about three times on his first try which was amazing then we headed to Nana and Papas to see what they had for this kids Christmas eve gift which I will list here:The kids got a huge playhouse to play in when they visit Nana and papas then Matt and Spencer got Inception the movie Ashley got a super cute hat,Brandon got a really nice coffee mug which he really really wanted and needed and I got the movie She's Not The Into You which I LOVE!!! after that we headed home to get some cookies baked and everything ready for SANTA then Spencer and Matt came over to play about 8 hours of COD while I tried to get the kids to sleep which was a very hard task when they are so excited for Santa to visit and bring gifts the next day it was CHRISTMAS DAY and we woke up the kids and walked down stairs Santa brought so much but we still had to pack up and go to Titi Ashley's house to open presents with the whole family and eat Egg Supreme which is another one of our traditions the day went on and on we opened presents for hours so here is a list of stuff we got

A basketball hoop
A tool set with wood and nails (KID SAFE)
Aqua Sand
Nerf Guns
Despicable me
tree house timbers set
Healies I don't know how to spell that but shoes with Skates
A case for his game system
A Game for his game system
Gift Card to Target
Percy Jackson Movie
Paint ball gun
Inspector Gadget Movie the list goes on..

A Police Car
foam blocks
Desicable Me
Learning System
Game system(yes our one year old has a game system)
Racin Ramps Garrage
stuffed animals

Inception the movie
Knight and Day the movie
Ipod Shuffle with his name on the back
Playstation gift card

A Team movie
She's Not That Into You movie
A BEAUTIFUL Wine bottle that lights up Brandon's mom made me!
Gift card to walgreens
Barstools from brandons grandparents

and Brandon's parents got us a gift card to eat Dinner out and it includes BABY SITTING!!!!!!

Ashley made the kids chairs which I think are beautiful and I love them so much I am so in love with them and the kids will use them everyday! I would like to say a big thank you to Brandon's parents who helped us out by making sure we had the best Christmas ever and to all our families who thought of us on the holidays

From Brandon's grandparents they are the best and I spent a few hours last night putting this together I LOVE THEM AND WE WANTED THEM SO MUCH

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryan Jacob No Longer a Baby

My little boy got his first hair cut you may not be able to recognize him but thats my little baby Ryan and he now looks like a big boy

And this was a before pic