Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living with Fibro

I am living with Fibro and for anyone out there who doesn't know it is a pain that will make you want to just fall to your knees and cry and our insurance wont cover the name brand so I am stuck with something else I take about 12 pills a day and without them I would never be able to move the past few weeks I have got NO SLEEP and cry every morning and because I am so young and have kids I am doing ten times what a normal person with fibro is supposed to be doing and I feel it I woke up this morning feeling like I couldn't breathe my whole back hurts and it hurts just to touch or sit on a couch it goes all the way around to my ribs and it hurts when I breathe if I could have one wish/present this year it would be to have no more pain but on a better note someone somewhere MUST KNOW I am in so much pain and all the free samples I have been getting are for pain and sleep here is a picture of what I got in the mail today TWO manufacture's coupons for up to 5.99 value on Excedrin and walgreens sent me a free coupon for Dream Water which I can't wait to get this is a little of me venting but I always feel better once I have wrote it down and now I will be relaxing.