Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trying To Catch Up!

I haven't updated my blog in so very very long and I know that I have family and friends still check it. Last summer I don't think we had a day off to just sit and relax but this summer was a nice break for us here. Brandon started his flight school and going to college for a few months now. Jumping back into school was a little tough for him figuring out what program to use and how to format his presentations but he has some amazingly smart family and his sisters were there to guide him. This summer Brandon was asked to play a huge huge huge sponsored baseball tournament in Anaconda, MT so the hubby and I had a little mini vacation while the kids got spoiled rotten by their Nana and Papa. Brandon is an amazing baseball player and his team won the championship. 

Brandon stopped by the Craters of the Moon to show me 

Brandon and I stayed in a hotel the first night we got there because of my back then we camped out with the team. We got the tent sent up and quickly realized just how big this tournament was. There were thousands of people camped out to watch the games. 

Here they are after they won

We headed to Banks beach a place we look forward to going every summer. 

We hung out at Nana's

We took the kids to Lowes to build cars.

We went to the fair and rode a train...P and Ryan drove.

We played at Roaring Springs with the cousins

Cadon played video games with his BFF

The kids rode a Camel.

We played at the park.

Matt swam

The men washed the cars.

I made a blob for the boys to jump on.

I still have to do a birthday post for Cadon so check back for that.