Monday, August 29, 2011


I AM BEYOND EXCITED I FOUND DUNKAROOS AT MY LOCAL WALMART! This brings me back to my childhood they were my fav. snacks and I will be stashing a box just for me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Of School

Today is the first day of school for Cadon he was so excited so brave and was so independent. We walked him to his class so he could get familiar with the hall way and we could be there with him as much as we could then we took him to the park where he will be hanging out until the bell rings. Cadon made some friends and played very far away from us then he ran to get to his class and they all lined up and then headed in. Cadon found his seat and sat down he could not stop smiling and I found out that our neighbor's daughter is in Cadons class and that is pretty neat since they have played together before and she has a crush on Cadon. But here are some pics from his first day!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Pics Pt.2

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Pics Pt.1

I have failed to update my blog a ton this summer and I am going to start uploading pics of our summer for who ever reads my blog still.



So I don't know if anyone still even reads my blog updates anymore but I have been slacking ever since Ryans surgery which was the 9th of this month. The day of Ryans surgery was a very rough one for everyone Brandon had worked a full night till 7am without sleep and then right after he had to do a very rough tryout for a Tactical team it was one of those make it and pass to the next tryout he had to run jump over walls and he was very tired and just worried about everything going on at home so he headed home and by that time it was like 9am and we needed to head to the hospital soon so no sleep for him. I woke Ryan up really early around 6am to eat before it was to late and he couldn't have anything in his tummy for surgery but he refused to eat then when time was up he was so upset all he wanted was to eat and I had to say no =( We headed to the Hospital where we signed him in and then had security take us to the childrens Surgery waiting room and then after we talked to doctor after doctor and soon after that they decided one of us could go into the OR to help put him to sleep so they could put the iv in and do an ultrasound and the surgery. I decided to go because I missed out on Cadon being put under and couldnt be there for him. I got scrubs and a mask and even booties and headed back I was so brave and so was Ryan he was just the sweetest and was not afraid. I sat him down and they gave him a mask and it stunk sooooOoo bad so he screamed and all 5 people started to say with me how brave he was and how he is such a big boy he cried and soon was fast asleep and he was taken right away from me and I had to leave I think I made it till the cafe before I cried hysterically and then the wait was on. Two hours later he was done we got to go back like right after he was done and HE WAS ALREADY AWAKE my poor baby I thought he would be out but no he then saw Brandon and I and cried to hold us. Brandon took him and 30 min later they sent him home with no pain meds nothing the reason was so if he tried to walk he would hurt so bad he wouldn't do it again and that did not help the first few days he was in and out of horrible pain and STILL attempted to escape from his bed now in the living room. He is now doing amazing and has the ok to do what he wants. if he was older they would tell us to wait but he is too young and you cant keep him put. It will be healed in 6 months and we will see how it is then.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before The Ryan Update

Today we took little man to the water park for the first time after his surgery I was very nervous but he did great he played but not to much and let us know when he was done! He has been doing great for the most part. I have seen Rio no joke 30 times this month and since he has been stuck in the house that is the only movie he wants to watch. This post is actually about my niece Paiton who broke her foot today and right after we got done at the park went home and checked on her =( my heart dropped when I heard I just can't get over how many times someone has been sent to the hospital this year in our family and I hope next year we don't have to go at all. When we got there we all decided it would be sweet to sign her little baby cast and we did. Here are some pics of the cast signing and Brandon put "Uncle B Is The Greatest" In Italian

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 5

Today was one of the best days by far Ryan took a nap and was able to sleep for an hour and then behaved so well today when we ventured out to the grocery store he has cried off and on all day but I am so proud of him he is so strong

Friday, August 5, 2011

ER Visit

Today was a very hard day for mostly Ryan but also for me. I had enough of the stupid doctors who say they would help us and just kept giving us the run around and while I waited for another call from another doctor my child was and still is in A TON OF PAIN. I decided enough was enough when I just could not calm him down and hold him down at the same time to push the intestine back in and he started to bruise so I broke down and ran upstairs to wake Brandon up and we went to the ER. We would had his surgery today but the surgeons leave at 4 and he suspects that all the "pushing" in of his bowels is causing his "tummy problems" and he wants him to become regular with his BM before we do surgery to prevent tearing from a BM after surgery BM(Bowel Movement) so we headed out to Boise St. Lukes and the people there were amazing they treated Ryan very well they did everything to make him smile and feel comfortable they got him a teddy bear and got his other surgeon referral expedited what ever that means so that we did not have to wait another day not knowing what is going to happen and now we have a surgeon and a date of surgery we are waiting till Monday for the time

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Ryan Update

Today we waited for the phone call to schedule surgery but once again we are left waiting and given a bunch of names of doctors who are supposed to call but dont and today was ok but poor Ryan who has gotten NO sleep because he is always uncomfortable and having tummy problems is constantly crying now. Ryan went to visit Papa Lurcook,Cami,Gma Riggs,Gpa Riggs and Spencer and it was the longest he has gone without crying. we got home and I have been trying to calm him down he just cries and cries and it is getting worse.I am beyond frustrated no one will help us except to go to the emergency room once the intestine pops out or causes him to lo bleed and I feel like no one will help us I cant sit around and wait. It has gone from manageable to worse and I am balling my eyes out horrified my son will need to go potty and it will burst. My poor baby is suffering because of stupid doctors. I just now have pushed the intestine back in three times in about 30 min. that is it for now and im sure if we dont schedule surgery in the next day we will end up in the hospital for emergency surgery because it is not looking good and even though its "common" as every tells me it is not pretty and very scary and i cant sit back and wait for it to get worse to take him to the er....I will call the doctor first thing tomorrow

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inguinal Hernia

So today was the day of the evaluation for Ryan we headed out and when we got there we filled out paper work and waited over an hour =/ the boys (Brandon,Cadon and Ryan) could not control themselves they were bouncing off the walls just being loud and Brandon was spinning on the swivel chair while Cadon just kept getting up and sitting down and playing his PSP. Ryan was so scared he turned bright red and was shaky and just horrified of the doctor he just wanted us to hold him and hide him. The doctor came in and Ryan just cried and freaked out so the doctor brought back a few toys and once we got his pants off the doctor took a look and noticed a few things that "normally" happen when you have a hernia which were not apparent on him. He then told us he wanted to talk to his wife who is a Pediatric Surgeon about it and see who is best qualified to do the surgery and if she would want to check herself. He told me he would be calling tonight or tomorrow morning to let us know and schedule surgery but that he needs the surgery and if he did it that we could do it next Tuesday. So to hold us up till surgery we were told to actually "PUSH" the intestine back in the slit where it belongs to prevent it from staying out and needing emergency surgery....YUCK he can play like normal but to keep an eye on it as it might do a 180 if he is having "tummy problems" and just have to be rushed to the ER. I just wanted to post that up here so who ever is concerned and wants updates I would let them know.

Here is some more info on it:
Hernia symptoms in children
In infants, a hernia may bulge when the child cries or moves around.

Strangulated hernias, in which part of the intestine becomes trapped in the hernia, are more common in infants and children than in adults. They can cause nausea and vomiting. An infant with a strangulated hernia may cry and refuse to eat. Strangulated hernias need treatment with surgery as soon as possible.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Surgery For My Baby

Last night I was giving the boys a bubble bath and when we pulled Ryan out Brandon noticed a HUGE tumor looking thing sticking out it looked like a ball under his skin and I immediately freaked out and just rushed to get the kids dressed to rush baby to the ER. Brandon is always the calm collective one in situations like this and after he calmed me down and made me stop crying he said we should wait a bit and it was so weird but the lump went down in size after an hour. I waited and Brandon decided to go to work and I would wait till the morning since he wasn't in pain or crying. I took him today and was ready to hear a oh maybe he just had gas or that it was normal but I instead got the response I DID NOT want to hear and was told he had what sounded and felt like a hernia and that it often happens in young kids and it is usually pain free unless they strain themselves and it flares up they are worried it would flare up again or if he has to go potty his intestine could rip through the tear and that would cause pain and be bad. I am waiting on the call from the urologist tomorrow and will update once I have info on when he can get seen. I just want proof because I am still in disbelief that is what he has and the urologist is the one who can figure it out for sure. Keep him in your prayers and lets hope it can be taken care of fast and he can recover fast.