Sunday, August 21, 2011


So I don't know if anyone still even reads my blog updates anymore but I have been slacking ever since Ryans surgery which was the 9th of this month. The day of Ryans surgery was a very rough one for everyone Brandon had worked a full night till 7am without sleep and then right after he had to do a very rough tryout for a Tactical team it was one of those make it and pass to the next tryout he had to run jump over walls and he was very tired and just worried about everything going on at home so he headed home and by that time it was like 9am and we needed to head to the hospital soon so no sleep for him. I woke Ryan up really early around 6am to eat before it was to late and he couldn't have anything in his tummy for surgery but he refused to eat then when time was up he was so upset all he wanted was to eat and I had to say no =( We headed to the Hospital where we signed him in and then had security take us to the childrens Surgery waiting room and then after we talked to doctor after doctor and soon after that they decided one of us could go into the OR to help put him to sleep so they could put the iv in and do an ultrasound and the surgery. I decided to go because I missed out on Cadon being put under and couldnt be there for him. I got scrubs and a mask and even booties and headed back I was so brave and so was Ryan he was just the sweetest and was not afraid. I sat him down and they gave him a mask and it stunk sooooOoo bad so he screamed and all 5 people started to say with me how brave he was and how he is such a big boy he cried and soon was fast asleep and he was taken right away from me and I had to leave I think I made it till the cafe before I cried hysterically and then the wait was on. Two hours later he was done we got to go back like right after he was done and HE WAS ALREADY AWAKE my poor baby I thought he would be out but no he then saw Brandon and I and cried to hold us. Brandon took him and 30 min later they sent him home with no pain meds nothing the reason was so if he tried to walk he would hurt so bad he wouldn't do it again and that did not help the first few days he was in and out of horrible pain and STILL attempted to escape from his bed now in the living room. He is now doing amazing and has the ok to do what he wants. if he was older they would tell us to wait but he is too young and you cant keep him put. It will be healed in 6 months and we will see how it is then.