Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inguinal Hernia

So today was the day of the evaluation for Ryan we headed out and when we got there we filled out paper work and waited over an hour =/ the boys (Brandon,Cadon and Ryan) could not control themselves they were bouncing off the walls just being loud and Brandon was spinning on the swivel chair while Cadon just kept getting up and sitting down and playing his PSP. Ryan was so scared he turned bright red and was shaky and just horrified of the doctor he just wanted us to hold him and hide him. The doctor came in and Ryan just cried and freaked out so the doctor brought back a few toys and once we got his pants off the doctor took a look and noticed a few things that "normally" happen when you have a hernia which were not apparent on him. He then told us he wanted to talk to his wife who is a Pediatric Surgeon about it and see who is best qualified to do the surgery and if she would want to check herself. He told me he would be calling tonight or tomorrow morning to let us know and schedule surgery but that he needs the surgery and if he did it that we could do it next Tuesday. So to hold us up till surgery we were told to actually "PUSH" the intestine back in the slit where it belongs to prevent it from staying out and needing emergency surgery....YUCK he can play like normal but to keep an eye on it as it might do a 180 if he is having "tummy problems" and just have to be rushed to the ER. I just wanted to post that up here so who ever is concerned and wants updates I would let them know.

Here is some more info on it:
Hernia symptoms in children
In infants, a hernia may bulge when the child cries or moves around.

Strangulated hernias, in which part of the intestine becomes trapped in the hernia, are more common in infants and children than in adults. They can cause nausea and vomiting. An infant with a strangulated hernia may cry and refuse to eat. Strangulated hernias need treatment with surgery as soon as possible.