Monday, August 1, 2011

Surgery For My Baby

Last night I was giving the boys a bubble bath and when we pulled Ryan out Brandon noticed a HUGE tumor looking thing sticking out it looked like a ball under his skin and I immediately freaked out and just rushed to get the kids dressed to rush baby to the ER. Brandon is always the calm collective one in situations like this and after he calmed me down and made me stop crying he said we should wait a bit and it was so weird but the lump went down in size after an hour. I waited and Brandon decided to go to work and I would wait till the morning since he wasn't in pain or crying. I took him today and was ready to hear a oh maybe he just had gas or that it was normal but I instead got the response I DID NOT want to hear and was told he had what sounded and felt like a hernia and that it often happens in young kids and it is usually pain free unless they strain themselves and it flares up they are worried it would flare up again or if he has to go potty his intestine could rip through the tear and that would cause pain and be bad. I am waiting on the call from the urologist tomorrow and will update once I have info on when he can get seen. I just want proof because I am still in disbelief that is what he has and the urologist is the one who can figure it out for sure. Keep him in your prayers and lets hope it can be taken care of fast and he can recover fast.