Thursday, July 28, 2011


I just want to say thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Cadon's birthday party. I don't think I have ever seen my baby that happy =) First I want to start out with how our day went we woke up around 9 which was really nice to do then we noticed we had to syrup for pancakes and that is what he wanted for breakfast so we headed to Walmart and picked up party supplies and syrup. We headed home and watched cartoons and Ryan decided he wanted to make chocolate chip muffins for Cadon! Ryan was so happy for him and everything was for his big brother he just followed him around all day. After lunch we packed up and headed to the water park where Ashley,Pai,Quinn,Carol and Jeff met us and we enjoyed the sun and the park we had a blast!!!!! We then rushed back home because we lost track of time and had to get the cake still so we got home and got ready set the cake up and one by one Carol,Jeff,Ashley,Matt,Pai,Q,Patty,Cami,Spencer,Gma Riggs and Gpa Riggs came the boys just waited by the door until everyone got there and were so excited. Cadon had an amazing birthday and I just want to say thank you to everyone back home who called to say Happy Birthday it was very sweet and Cadon even got to see some of my family on our web cam which made it even better. And I wanted to write out what he got for his birthday just in case anyone was wondering.

Gma and Gpa Riggs~A Transformers backpack with a Transformer inside and also a cute outfit!!!
Cami and Spencer~Learning book and Rango
Nana and Papa~A big ol box filled with Transformers and a Nerf gun and ammo for it
WE~Psp and games for it!!
Grandma and Poppy~10 dollars(Cadon bought a Ben 10 game today with that moneys as he called it)
Ron and Cheri Rusk~20 dollars and a card! ( Cadon told us he will save that money and get something later)
My parents~Fishing pole and a case for the psp and spiderman operation!
The Lockes~Monsters Inc. and the sweetest picture paiton made for cadon!!

Thank you everyone for showing up and thinking of my little man you guys made his day so special and I am so glad to have you in our lives!