Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ramos Gang

I have to say leaving my family and knowing I wont be going back home was the hardest. I don't know how Brandon could leave his family he would always tell me when were were dating how much he missed his family and getting to see them for Christmas was the best I guess I didn't understand that until now and I must say it really sucks my husbands side of the family missed out on a lot. They missed out on our marriage and both babies being born and even birthdays and now they get the time to catch up and watch them grow I am so happy to live in Idaho it is such a great place to raise children and I found my dream home but I still find myself crying every night I miss my best friends which were my family I could talk to my mom about anything even about my hubby and even though she always sided with him because my mom LOVES Brandon she was always there for me and my little brother he is like my first baby I always protected him and now he protects me and my sister she is my true best friend she helps me no questions asked and she is there for me no matter how tough things can get between us and sisters always have their moments. My dad and mom most of all they loved me even after all the mistakes I made growing up and supported me and loved me unconditionally even if I didn't always show them I felt the same. I love my family I will always be apart of the RAMOS gang and I miss you guys so much oh and KY I know I have not met you yet but I am so upset I couldn't be there to give you loves and lots of kisses your TITI Cari loves you and cant wait till the day I get to meet you

I cant forget Jacob and Krystal I am so proud of you guys you are now parents and your going to such great ones I love you guys very much and cant wait to see you guys again!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kylina Vivian

Congratulations to my big brother and sister in law Krystal as of today they are parents and welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Kylina Vivian weighed 8lbs and 2oz she is 21 inches long and LOOKS LIKE A RAMOS!!!! We really wish we could be there to meet her but from the pictures she is a healthy baby girl and once again IS BEAUTIFUL I am so happy for them and I know they will be great parents.We are so proud of you guys.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kylina Malone/Ramos

As most of you know Kristal my brother's girlfriend is pregnant with their first baby she was due November 7th and is still cooking in Krystal's oven but I came across a few pictures and I wanted to post them up for the family to see. I consider her my sister and I miss you so much Krystal it breaks my heart I wont be there to hold baby Kylina when she arrives but we are all thinking about you and wish you the best WE MISS YOU SO MUCH

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making Idaho Our Home

We are now looking at homes and we found our dream home there were a few offers on it before ours but I think we have the advantage right now we are getting the inspection done so I think that means we are closer and closer to closing!!! Pray for us we just knew when we walked in that this was the one its close to Brandon's parents and grandparents and it has four bedrooms and a huge bonus room for the boys to play I dont have much time to blog but I am going to post some pictures of the boys since we got here!!!And if you want to see the house we are in the process of buying the MLS number is 98389527

Friday, September 18, 2009

Matching PJ's

This week we bought the boys matching pj's we thought it would be really cute at first we were really drawn to the monkey pj's but they didnt have the 12 month old size for Ryan so we ended getting them these so here are some pictures from this week and one more thing Ryan now has about four teeth and maybe getting more so he has been real fussy I hope the plane ride there goes well and it will be his first plane ride and Cadons 30th or so if you count each different plane we have been on.