Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ryan Birthday Ideas

Well a year ago I found the most perfect cake EVER on Pinterest with a sailboat and have been planning an under the sea theme for Ryan this year but just found out that my sister in law already gave her cake lady the photo of the cake for my nephews birthday so it was back to the drawing board for me. I was bummed at first  but I could care less it is just a birthday "theme" and I can still wait a year or more and still do my under the sea theme! Now that my sister in law has a boy there might be more same party theme ideas in the future but all that counts is the actual day and celebrating the birth of your child. SooOOOoOoo I came up with an even better theme CARNIVAL I am so excited I am going to start making the stuff now because his birthday is fast approaching and I want there to be Carnival Games and I will even be doing a cute photo booth and instead of face painting they can pic out temporary tattoos!! If you have any ideas on games for the party leave me a comment anything will help I am so excited! And I might as well put it out there while I am on the "birthday" post That I will be doing a Cowboy theme party for Cadon.

Here are the Carnival Ideas I have got from online!!! I am so excited 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Today we started our day with pancakes! When I was growing up my mother made the biggest effort to make Valentines Day very special.She was our valentine and every Valentines Day she had the island in the kitchen decorated with balloons and candy and presents for us. I know many people who find this holiday pointless and not that important but every year I enjoy showing my three best friends how much I love and adore them! When the kids woke up they were so excited to see the treats we got them.....we have pancakes for breakfast and so far that is all we have done but every year we do fondue for Valentines Dinner and this year will be no different but instead of "dinner" fondue we will be making the cheese fondue and I will be making my from scratch homemade shrimp Alfredo which is better then any restaurant I have ever had so I am very excited. After dinner we are going to do chocolate fondue and got Popsicle sticks with marshmallows and red and rainbow sprinkles to decorate them with. I hope everyone had an amazing V~Day! What are your V~Day traditions?

I ventured out on my birthday shopping day to find this beer as a gift for my hubby. I know he doesn't think I remember many little details but when he was in Spain he had this beer at a restaurant and LOVED it so I went to world market and bought the last 6pack!!!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day Craft

This is my very first year doing Valentines Day cards with my child for school!! I thought it would be so easy but NOOOOOO there are a LOT of girly choices in cards but not much for the boys and I wanted Cadon to show off his personality he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. And he wants to fit in so bad...He asks his school mates to be his friend and one of them said no =( so he wanted to blow the kids away with cool Valentines Day Treats. 

Valentines Day DIY Card/Favor

First you will need:
Crayons(Dollar Store) 
Card Stock

You will find a Valentines day printable coloring page online they have TONS to choose from! Then you will click the picture to enlarge it and save it from the web page. Instead of fitting it to fit the size I just clicked print then 3.5'' wallet sizes and adjusted the amount of picture I wanted per page to 9. I printed it out and cut them out once you do that you pretty much glue where you want and add a button for detail and VOILA your done! I am very proud of this and I know the kids will love this. I spent  a dollar for this project and I would say this was a very thrifty craft. The best thing is you can use this for a Valentines Day card or a party favor for a birthday party.

Birthday and School

This week has been a really busy one!! I went out for a night out with my hubby for our six year anniversary and my birthday. Then we went to Nana and Papa Lurcooks house to pick up our kiddos * THANKS AGAIN FOR WATCHING THEM!* And it seems like Saturday was a busy day for everyone. I usually have cake with the family but life has not stopped and it seems really hard just to schedule cake with everyone so instead Brandons parents took me and the boys to eat at Mcdonalds one of my kids favorites then headed to the park to spend the day out and about. I love being with family and since my parents are so far away I need/LOVE the time I have with my in laws.I am very thankful for the Lurcooks and all they do to make me feel welcome and loved. I am really looking forward to having a family birthday party and everyone there.On another note Cadon has been SO busy with school he has extra days now and does about the same amount of homework I did when I was in high school. This week he has his 100 day of school project and he decided he wanted to do 100 GUMBALLS!! I had to draw it up myself and he spent an hour gluing all those "gumballs" He did an amazing job and we are so proud of him. This week he has class pictures and two parties so I am busy helping get everything ready for tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My husband and I met in 2005. He was just out of boot camp and I was in high school and since Virginia was has the largest Naval Base the military IS the population. We were friends for about six months and then one day after church my father dropped the bomb and said "When are you going to date my daughter!" I was so embarrassed but my mother and father knew he was "THE ONE" he treated my family with respect and was always polite and honest. He would plan dates with my younger brother just the two of them and he  was only my best friend at that time. After the day of the church dinner we talked and decided we should be "dating" We were in love.My mother always told me she could see the love in his eyes :) In January 2006 is when we found out we were expecting our first little angel. We were so excited and *young* little did I know Brandon had already asked my father for my hand in marriage. We fell in love in 2005 and here we are 2012 and still head over heals in LOVE!!! He is my best friend.No matter how tough times get we have NEVER questioned our love for each other  he supports my every decision and I do the same for him. And here we are two children later and on the third of  February we will be celebrating our six year wedding anniversary and my birthday! I feel like the luckiest woman alive. I am truly living life and loving every second. 

This was taken in 2005