Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday and School

This week has been a really busy one!! I went out for a night out with my hubby for our six year anniversary and my birthday. Then we went to Nana and Papa Lurcooks house to pick up our kiddos * THANKS AGAIN FOR WATCHING THEM!* And it seems like Saturday was a busy day for everyone. I usually have cake with the family but life has not stopped and it seems really hard just to schedule cake with everyone so instead Brandons parents took me and the boys to eat at Mcdonalds one of my kids favorites then headed to the park to spend the day out and about. I love being with family and since my parents are so far away I need/LOVE the time I have with my in laws.I am very thankful for the Lurcooks and all they do to make me feel welcome and loved. I am really looking forward to having a family birthday party and everyone there.On another note Cadon has been SO busy with school he has extra days now and does about the same amount of homework I did when I was in high school. This week he has his 100 day of school project and he decided he wanted to do 100 GUMBALLS!! I had to draw it up myself and he spent an hour gluing all those "gumballs" He did an amazing job and we are so proud of him. This week he has class pictures and two parties so I am busy helping get everything ready for tomorrow!!