Sunday, August 30, 2009



Today was my brothers girlfriends baby shower and it was so much fun I got to help plan a baby shower and I love planning party's. I don't have any pictures up yet of it but I will post them up when I can. My boys are so big now Cadon is three and is talking like a big boy he still says THAW when he means saw and isn't potty trained yet but he is such an independent little man. Ryan has a few new tricks he found his hands and loves to stare at them he can now reach for people and if he doesn't know you he will blush and hide his face into my shirt its the cutest thing ever he also learned to spit YES SPIT like a big boy and he spits all the time I have to get it on camera for everyone back in Idaho but you will be seeing that in person very soon he likes to stick his tongue out at people and he loves chewing his toes he also sleeps on his stomach exclusively. Ryan is teething now and has three teeth coming in but im happy to say ONE has already come up and out FINALLY he has been so moody because he has been in pain he doesn't nap or eat well anymore and stays up till 5am till he cant stay up anymore I am hoping the other teeth come out before we make our move to idaho because there will be a lot of screaming on the plane anyways we have our tickets we leave the 29th of September at 5am its coming so fast I am very excited but also very scared I have never lived that far away from my family and I have to make new friends which is also scary and just being civilian is scary especially how things are now a days but overall im happy I get to introduce my in laws to our new addition and make wonderful memories with them OH AND GET TO SEE PAITON WHICH IM VERY EXCITED ABOUT! Anyways enjoy the pictures

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Weekend

Our weekend was very uneventful we stayed in and did a little cleaning we are getting ready for a big move and heading to Idaho in September!! Here are a little pictures from our weekend oh and we have decided Ryan will be an old man for Halloween because he looks like a little old man we will give him a walking stick and try and make a mini wheel chair I CANT WAIT

Monday, August 10, 2009

Surgery Day

Today Cadon had his surgery to correct the botched circumcision when he was born. Brandon and My mother took him to the hospital because there were no children allowed other then the patients and I am nursing so I had to stay home with Ryan. When they got there they gave Cadon really cool PJ's with animals all over them and they gave him a "COOL BRACELET!" as he says. The doctor noticed that he was not wanting anyone to take him away from Brandon so they gave him some juice that made him really high I was told then the doctor came in and took him out of Brandon's arms and he didn't even mind a bit. He had a perfect surgery and everything looks good. At first he thought the doctors gave him a boo boo on his hand he had no idea what happened the boo boo on his hand was where the iv went in and when he got home I talked to him about what happened so he wouldn't hurt himself and every time he saw or talked to someone after that he says "Doctor cut my pee pee" but he was fine at first he was still numb from the waist down and once it wore off he started to feel it because I had to get him to walk when he could feel his legs. So all in all he did well and is in pain but the doctors gave him meds and I will be giving him tons of snuggles and carrying him around like a baby!!! YAY!! Here is a picture of Cadon snuggling with Ryan he said if he held Ryan it would make him feel better and he ended up falling asleep with him TO CUTE anyways one more thing he likes bragging about was the mask they put on him to put him asleep tasted like bubble gum!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

~My 4 Month Old~

Stage one foods are for infants Four~Six months of age and Ryan hasnt been satisfied with just nursing so I thought we would start him on baby food. HE LOVES IT and it makes him sleep for longer at a time which I LOVE! Here are some pictures of my lil man eating HE IS SO BIG.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Children's Museum Of Virginia

Yesterday we took the boys to the Children's Museum Of Virginia. Cadon had so much fun he even got to be inside of a bubble he made!! There are so many cool exhibits for the kids and this big train section that Cadon loved also there was a toddler sized supper market where the kids can go shopping then can checkout themselves with real cash registers............Everything was toddler sized it was so cute we had a blast here are some pictures from out trip.Oh and Cadon just turned three for those who didnt know my lil man is three already I hate how fast they grow soon he will be a teenager.