Monday, May 28, 2012

Ten Minute Maxi Skirt Project

Today I spent five hours cleaning house because tomorrow is my husbands birthday and we are having family over to have cake and celebrate him! After a very very long day I was feeling crafty and I wanted to sew something but didn't want to spend longer then ten minutes sewing. I have taken a break from sewing because I started to get "false confidence" or I just had a case of beginners luck. I whipped up so many things when I got my first sewing machine for Christmas last year but the past few months everything I sew comes out HORRIBLE and ends up being throwing into a grocery bag and after about 10 projects and never finishing I gave up took a break. That brings me to today I have always wanted to make a skirt of any kind but could never attempt to try one and have it come out horrible and waste the fabric so I remembered I had this FUSHIA knit halter dress that was a bit baggy and the halter top just didn't support my TATAS like I wanted hahaha. So my big idea was to make a maxi skirt with an elastic waist band and I scored 2" wide elastic at Joanns Fabric Store last year for .25 cents a yard so I snatched the whole roll of 8 yards so this project cost me nothing to make. I cut the halter part then went to grab my elastic...I measured my waist and subtracted 2 inches. I then took my elastic and sewed the raw ends together to make the band. After I had the band I placed the band inside my skirt and just sewed in place. *Remember* when you place your elastic in the tube the actual skirt looks HUGE and the band will be very small. All you have to do is get familiar with sewing knits and when sewing with elastic you want to stretch the elastic while sewing. After I was done I put it on and I couldn't believe that I just made a wearable fashionable skirt! I just wanted to spin

I didn't plan on doing a tutorial or it even working out so here are a few pictures I took.
^ This is the was of the dress *See what I meant when it had no support and it kind of looked a little young for this mom*

^ A full view of the skirt from my Ipad....sorry about the quality

And a pic my hubby took from my phone when I was trying it on.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out and I could throw on a black t shirt and wear it for date night with the hubby.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wiggle Worm Game

Summer is here and I know many parents like me notice their children sitting in front of the tv and just HATE it but if your tired and need some down time or a stay at home day this is the perfect GAME/CRAFT for your family! The Wiggle Worm Game...You will need 1)A bag or bowl 2)Popsicle sticks or foam sheet cut up into strips like I used 3)Sharpie marker 4)The family. You just draw the fun pictures at the bottom of the sticks and start playing!!!!!!!!!!

You will want to sit everyone in a circle then start in order of youngest to oldest and have the youngest pick a stick he then shows everyone what he picked and if you get the wiggle worm everyone JUMPS UP and wiggles for 10 seconds....If you choose the Airplane then you stand up and run around the circle like an airplane and sit back down when done...If you choose the Crazy Ice Cube you all have to jump up and then freeze for 10 seconds after your done sit back down. If you choose the Crazy Face everyone has to give their best SILLY FACE one at a time..If you get the TORNADO you will hop up and twirl like a tornado. The game is just for fun and you can create your own rules and pictures so 

Here is a picture of all the fun pictures I made!! You want to use your creativity make up your own pictures and choose what everyone has to do if they pick that picture.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I was online today looking up fun things to do or build to keep my kids busy during the hot summer days and I stumbled across a KIDS CAR WASH made from pvc pipe and was dieing to make it and surprise my boys with it! I have become close with my neighbors kids and now my kids hang out with about 8 kids on our street so I thought what a great way to entertain the neighborhood kids to. 

I was inspired by these two pictures online
^This on on the other hand would cost you 40-50 bucks total out of pocket 

And this was the one we built!! It only cost us 20 dollars out of pocket and took us only 20 min to put together THAT'S IT!

The website I found this amazing tutorial is: DIY KIDS CAR WASH Before you click over to the website I would like to give you some TIME SAVING TIPS you will copy and print the list which is VERY short of all the items you will need to build it. Then we went to Lowes which had the cheapest prices for the materials and instead of going home to cut the pvc pipe yourself just ask where they cut the pvc pipe in store and they do it for FREE yes it is completely free and takes them only 5-10min to cut them to your measurements. All you have to do when you get home is put it together and drill the holes and YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on making ours look just like the first picture above. I went to the dollar store and got a few pool noodles and vinyl table covers and cutting them into thin strips then tying them on one end to make it look like a true car wash.

Build one wall at a time 

Put it together 

Mark where you want your spouts to be and drill

Enjoy your amazing creation 

And let the kids go for it 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ZOO Trip

Today was the big day...Cadon went on his first school field trip! Cadon went to the Zoo and to this place called Planet Kid in Boise. I met the class at the zoo around 10 then the class lined up and I got Cadon and his friend Remington and found out that my neighbor was there and she had Presley and Amy both who are close to Cadon so we all stuck together and then met back up for lunch. After lunch the kids got back on the bus and headed to Planet Kid!!! It was huge and the kids had a blast. Here are some pictures of our group looking at all the animals. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coach Brandon

We signed Cadon up for Tee ball this year and last min my husband was asked to coach his team. We had our first practice last night and it was a BLAST! Brandon started by doing introductions he got all the kids together and had every one say their name out loud then they walked the bases to get familiar.Brandon had them form a circle and stretch! After that they ran the bases and then Brandon split them into teams Brandon did a few hitting drills while I *Three year old on hip* Did the catching drills I worked on showing them how to throw the ball and when above the waist they need fingers up always I would tell them "HIGH FIVE!" and we worked on that for about half an hour so everyone got a chance to both hit and catch. It was 80 degrees outside so we took a break. Brandon and I were so excited we got the kids drinks and snacks for first practice and all the kids just sat together and talked it was a BALL but man was is hot. To finish off the practice he had them run bases in a contest and they were so excited to have a contest. I am so proud of my hubby for stepping up and coaching and doing such a great job. The parents of the children were so nice and thankful that Brandon stepped in and they all stayed out in the field and watched while their kids played. Before I ran out to help out I snapped these pictures with my phone !!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Twist Earrings

Twist Earrings

My sister in law Ashley was on Pinterest and found these earrings so when she was over the house she showed them to me because I have been making wire jewelry. I decided to give them a try and made them in about five min. The earrings pictured above are not linked to a tutorial and are only available for purchase so I decided to show you a picture of how I made them. This is NOT a detailed tutorial but it is so easy it is a piece of cake!

You will need:pencil,round nose pliers with wire cutters,wire,paper and nail file
I just drew a picture of the shape of the earrings and using a 20 gauge wire I shaped it on top of the drawing bending it and using it as a guideline. Clip when done and use a nail file *new one* and file the ends smooth and wear! Your done and you will have beautiful earrings that are sure to get you lots of compliments. 

Here I am modeling my earrings!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Intertwined Heart Ring

Today I created this little beauty! A Intertwined Heart Ring that looks just as adorable as my Heart Ring posting earlier this month. I am not an expert at wire jewelry and I made this in about 15 min. so this is defiantly a beginner project . I will link up the wire heart tutorial again that inspired this ring and you can find it Here. If you look at the picture it is pretty self explanatory you will start out with one heart like in the tutorial then after you form the wire around your finger you will pull the wire through the first heart and create another then snip the end and your done!! I am sorry but I will not be selling these rings but if you would like to check out my rings for sale go to LL&L Designs  and email me about pricing.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers Day Sale

 Mothers Day Sale 

In honor of Mothers Day I will be selling these beautiful rings for ONLY five dollars a piece and will be offering free shipping. So if you have a special woman in your life who does so much this is  the perfect gift!!! All payments will be through Paypal. To make an order email me at Carissa Lurcook


Email me and ask about customizing your ring today! ~ Carissa Lurcook

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was a very nice day and Brandon had the day off but he made plans with his buddies to go to the Kuna Caves so I decided to take the kids to Settlers Park where we spent a few hours in the sun they played ALL day. After the park I headed to Burger King to see if they had chocolate soft serve and they didn't but they did have an indoor play spot so we hung out for 10 min and headed out. I decided to hold off on the ice cream and make a quick detour to WAHOOZ the kids were beyond excited and when we got there I let them know we were going to play a game of mini was a blast and the weather was AMAZING I just wish we could have had some company Paiton was sick yesterday so the cousins couldn't come and and daddy was getting a much needed bro date hahaha. Here are some pictures of our day.

The boys playing mini golf

My little lefty could not figure out why he couldn't hit it righty but overall did great once he got the swing of it *literally*

Look at those curls I get stopped every where I go because of his beautiful playing ball

Cadon waiting for mommy to throw the ball. I can NOT get over how old he looks in this picture he is such a stud muffin.

Practicing with his coach *DADDY* who literally will be his t ball coach 

The boys woke up bright and early and asked to go to their friends house so they spent a few hours with their friends!!

Ready to golf!

My little mini me 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I want to start getting back to blogging about my family. I started this blog so my family can see what we were up to and see pictures but I started crafting and stopped posting so here is a post of all the pictures from my phone from the past month!

Yesterday was Quinn's birthday and Brandon and him were Lady And The Tramping with goldfish

I took the boys to the park so we could practice playing ball and this is Ryan running to Home Base 

Hanging out in the car with my buddy

The hubby and I 

My nephew Quinn and I 

We had a garage sale and Cadon my oldest is so crafty he asked his Nana Lurcook for a straw,paper and marker so he could make us a sign to show people where the garage sale was!! IT WAS SO CUTE 

Cadon is in love with his nephew Quinn and it was the first time we had seen him in about three months so he smothered him with loves and even got to sit with him

Ryan is showing me his puppy dog face 

The BEST big brother in the world giving his baby brother a boost

Ryan decided he wanted to be a baby again and sat in the bumbo to eat his food

After a long day of school Cadon fell asleep and Ryan snuggled him like crazy

My niece and I 

I took the kids outside to play with some chalk and I drew them a big WOW WOW WUBBZY 

Cadon swinging with his friend from school and Ryan

My nephews little tiny toes 

The boys hanging out on the ship mommy made with chalk

Cadon and Ryan

Ryan pitching the ball to Cadon

Cadon my Baseball player

Hanging out 

Quinn's mouth while eating his birthday cake

Today I took the kids outside to play and this is the kids walking to their friends house to play

The garage sale was tiring so the kids took a "pretend" nap on the lawn

Hubby and I 

Brandon wanted to burn the Christmas tree we never disposed of from two years ago YES TWO YEARS and spend time with me outside while the kids slept


My little BOOGER and I 

Well that's it for now I will be posting more from now on.