Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was a very nice day and Brandon had the day off but he made plans with his buddies to go to the Kuna Caves so I decided to take the kids to Settlers Park where we spent a few hours in the sun they played ALL day. After the park I headed to Burger King to see if they had chocolate soft serve and they didn't but they did have an indoor play spot so we hung out for 10 min and headed out. I decided to hold off on the ice cream and make a quick detour to WAHOOZ the kids were beyond excited and when we got there I let them know we were going to play a game of mini was a blast and the weather was AMAZING I just wish we could have had some company Paiton was sick yesterday so the cousins couldn't come and and daddy was getting a much needed bro date hahaha. Here are some pictures of our day.

The boys playing mini golf

My little lefty could not figure out why he couldn't hit it righty but overall did great once he got the swing of it *literally*

Look at those curls I get stopped every where I go because of his beautiful playing ball

Cadon waiting for mommy to throw the ball. I can NOT get over how old he looks in this picture he is such a stud muffin.

Practicing with his coach *DADDY* who literally will be his t ball coach 

The boys woke up bright and early and asked to go to their friends house so they spent a few hours with their friends!!

Ready to golf!

My little mini me 


Ashley Locke

I usually don't think Cadon looks much like Brandon, but that full body shot of him holding the baseball bat - I had to look twice, looks just like B at that age!