Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coach Brandon

We signed Cadon up for Tee ball this year and last min my husband was asked to coach his team. We had our first practice last night and it was a BLAST! Brandon started by doing introductions he got all the kids together and had every one say their name out loud then they walked the bases to get familiar.Brandon had them form a circle and stretch! After that they ran the bases and then Brandon split them into teams Brandon did a few hitting drills while I *Three year old on hip* Did the catching drills I worked on showing them how to throw the ball and when above the waist they need fingers up always I would tell them "HIGH FIVE!" and we worked on that for about half an hour so everyone got a chance to both hit and catch. It was 80 degrees outside so we took a break. Brandon and I were so excited we got the kids drinks and snacks for first practice and all the kids just sat together and talked it was a BALL but man was is hot. To finish off the practice he had them run bases in a contest and they were so excited to have a contest. I am so proud of my hubby for stepping up and coaching and doing such a great job. The parents of the children were so nice and thankful that Brandon stepped in and they all stayed out in the field and watched while their kids played. Before I ran out to help out I snapped these pictures with my phone !!


Ashley Locke

Yay Cadon! Just wait til it's 105 out if you think 80 is hot! Yikes!! I remember those days of baseball with B all too well! But boy is it fun!!


Can't wait to see you play Cadon!! You're soooo lucky your Daddy can coach! He's an amazing baseball player! You will have so much fun!