Sunday, May 6, 2012


I want to start getting back to blogging about my family. I started this blog so my family can see what we were up to and see pictures but I started crafting and stopped posting so here is a post of all the pictures from my phone from the past month!

Yesterday was Quinn's birthday and Brandon and him were Lady And The Tramping with goldfish

I took the boys to the park so we could practice playing ball and this is Ryan running to Home Base 

Hanging out in the car with my buddy

The hubby and I 

My nephew Quinn and I 

We had a garage sale and Cadon my oldest is so crafty he asked his Nana Lurcook for a straw,paper and marker so he could make us a sign to show people where the garage sale was!! IT WAS SO CUTE 

Cadon is in love with his nephew Quinn and it was the first time we had seen him in about three months so he smothered him with loves and even got to sit with him

Ryan is showing me his puppy dog face 

The BEST big brother in the world giving his baby brother a boost

Ryan decided he wanted to be a baby again and sat in the bumbo to eat his food

After a long day of school Cadon fell asleep and Ryan snuggled him like crazy

My niece and I 

I took the kids outside to play with some chalk and I drew them a big WOW WOW WUBBZY 

Cadon swinging with his friend from school and Ryan

My nephews little tiny toes 

The boys hanging out on the ship mommy made with chalk

Cadon and Ryan

Ryan pitching the ball to Cadon

Cadon my Baseball player

Hanging out 

Quinn's mouth while eating his birthday cake

Today I took the kids outside to play and this is the kids walking to their friends house to play

The garage sale was tiring so the kids took a "pretend" nap on the lawn

Hubby and I 

Brandon wanted to burn the Christmas tree we never disposed of from two years ago YES TWO YEARS and spend time with me outside while the kids slept


My little BOOGER and I 

Well that's it for now I will be posting more from now on.