Monday, May 28, 2012

Ten Minute Maxi Skirt Project

Today I spent five hours cleaning house because tomorrow is my husbands birthday and we are having family over to have cake and celebrate him! After a very very long day I was feeling crafty and I wanted to sew something but didn't want to spend longer then ten minutes sewing. I have taken a break from sewing because I started to get "false confidence" or I just had a case of beginners luck. I whipped up so many things when I got my first sewing machine for Christmas last year but the past few months everything I sew comes out HORRIBLE and ends up being throwing into a grocery bag and after about 10 projects and never finishing I gave up took a break. That brings me to today I have always wanted to make a skirt of any kind but could never attempt to try one and have it come out horrible and waste the fabric so I remembered I had this FUSHIA knit halter dress that was a bit baggy and the halter top just didn't support my TATAS like I wanted hahaha. So my big idea was to make a maxi skirt with an elastic waist band and I scored 2" wide elastic at Joanns Fabric Store last year for .25 cents a yard so I snatched the whole roll of 8 yards so this project cost me nothing to make. I cut the halter part then went to grab my elastic...I measured my waist and subtracted 2 inches. I then took my elastic and sewed the raw ends together to make the band. After I had the band I placed the band inside my skirt and just sewed in place. *Remember* when you place your elastic in the tube the actual skirt looks HUGE and the band will be very small. All you have to do is get familiar with sewing knits and when sewing with elastic you want to stretch the elastic while sewing. After I was done I put it on and I couldn't believe that I just made a wearable fashionable skirt! I just wanted to spin

I didn't plan on doing a tutorial or it even working out so here are a few pictures I took.
^ This is the was of the dress *See what I meant when it had no support and it kind of looked a little young for this mom*

^ A full view of the skirt from my Ipad....sorry about the quality

And a pic my hubby took from my phone when I was trying it on.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out and I could throw on a black t shirt and wear it for date night with the hubby.