Friday, May 18, 2012


I was online today looking up fun things to do or build to keep my kids busy during the hot summer days and I stumbled across a KIDS CAR WASH made from pvc pipe and was dieing to make it and surprise my boys with it! I have become close with my neighbors kids and now my kids hang out with about 8 kids on our street so I thought what a great way to entertain the neighborhood kids to. 

I was inspired by these two pictures online
^This on on the other hand would cost you 40-50 bucks total out of pocket 

And this was the one we built!! It only cost us 20 dollars out of pocket and took us only 20 min to put together THAT'S IT!

The website I found this amazing tutorial is: DIY KIDS CAR WASH Before you click over to the website I would like to give you some TIME SAVING TIPS you will copy and print the list which is VERY short of all the items you will need to build it. Then we went to Lowes which had the cheapest prices for the materials and instead of going home to cut the pvc pipe yourself just ask where they cut the pvc pipe in store and they do it for FREE yes it is completely free and takes them only 5-10min to cut them to your measurements. All you have to do when you get home is put it together and drill the holes and YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on making ours look just like the first picture above. I went to the dollar store and got a few pool noodles and vinyl table covers and cutting them into thin strips then tying them on one end to make it look like a true car wash.

Build one wall at a time 

Put it together 

Mark where you want your spouts to be and drill

Enjoy your amazing creation 

And let the kids go for it 


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