Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bad Blogger!

I have been a very very bad blogger for quite some time now. Blogging was an outlet for me until I became very very busy last summer and most my blog posts were just pictures. But here I am again doing a picture dump of mostly everything since the last post. 

Cadon is a stud 

We took Ryan out to celebrate his last day of being our 3 year old!

Easter fun at the park

We took the kids to the park and the kids played with gliders. 

Ryan entertaining Q on Easter

Hanging out 

We did a little jumping around 

High five when Cadon catches the glider and wins a dollar from his Titi Ashley

Q and I being silly

Pretty days 


Yep just like his daddy..showing off the muscles and tongue out. 

Easter Morning 

Last day of being 3 

Easter pic attempt 

Traditional Lurcook Easter pic

The gang

Ryan Hanging out

Waiting for Cadon to get out of school

Took the kids to get ice cream and ate it outside

Cadon playing with Q

Watching the ducks

Playing the triangle



Yesterday I had a lunch date with my BFF and got to try a Strawberry Lemon Vojito and it made me LOCO

First T Ball practice of the season 

Cadon showing me tricks

Cadon was invited to his friends birthday and had a blast 

Looking studly before they headed to spend a few hours at the Lockes 

My wonderful bff 

Love letters from Cadon

My favorite picture of Quinn and B ever!!! They really do love each other so stinking much and this picture captures all the love. 

Cadon actually taped himself to the wall

Dying eggs at Titi's

Watching Daddy practice

Playing catch with daddy

I covered the stairs with cardboard and we made it into a slide

Meet Luna our new dog coming to Idaho May 2013 

My little stud

My little studs 

Yep this happened

watching Cadon at t ball practice

I doodled at the park

Easter 2013

Ryan falls asleep like this

My new favorite drink.