Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ryan Birthday Ideas

Well a year ago I found the most perfect cake EVER on Pinterest with a sailboat and have been planning an under the sea theme for Ryan this year but just found out that my sister in law already gave her cake lady the photo of the cake for my nephews birthday so it was back to the drawing board for me. I was bummed at first  but I could care less it is just a birthday "theme" and I can still wait a year or more and still do my under the sea theme! Now that my sister in law has a boy there might be more same party theme ideas in the future but all that counts is the actual day and celebrating the birth of your child. SooOOOoOoo I came up with an even better theme CARNIVAL I am so excited I am going to start making the stuff now because his birthday is fast approaching and I want there to be Carnival Games and I will even be doing a cute photo booth and instead of face painting they can pic out temporary tattoos!! If you have any ideas on games for the party leave me a comment anything will help I am so excited! And I might as well put it out there while I am on the "birthday" post That I will be doing a Cowboy theme party for Cadon.

Here are the Carnival Ideas I have got from online!!! I am so excited