Monday, March 5, 2012

Crayon Roll Tutorial

I will be going on a very very very long trip soon and a whole day of flights and two children I am going crazy trying to think of how to make my flights more organized so I decided to do a Crayon Roll...I know you have seen them I mean who hasn't? But I wanted to make one specifically for BEGINNER SEWERS < like myself so here is what I did:
You will need:
Sewing Machine

Now on how to make it:
1.First I cut 3 rectangles 6"x 18"
* I cut two of those rectangles using the same fabric(flannel Baseball Print) and one white cotton fabric for contrast!

2.Then you will cut one rectangle 6"x18" of felt ( I am always wanting to save some money and all you need is two sheets of felt then cut and it will cost you only 40 cents versus getting fusible interfacing)

3.You will take your contrasting fabric rectangle(white on mine) and fold in half to make the pouch for the crayons then iron flat.

4.Then you will start from the left side and measure 1 1/2" in and mark your fabric then you will mark every 1" from the first line until you get to the end I ended up with 16 pouches for crayons...*the first and last pouches will be larger then the others but you can't tell and you can add more crayons to them!!

5.Then you will be taking your felt rectangle and you will place it on the wrong side of the fabric say for instance you will place the felt on a table then you will place the fabric on top right side facing up at you and then the white fabric and line them up really good PIN REALLY WELL and sew those lines you drew for the crayons to go *you will only sew from top to bottom of white piece like i show on the picture above!

6.Then you will cut 2-3 inches of elastic and place in the middle of crayon roll and on the left side! 

7.Now make a fabric sandwich and place the two main pieces right sides together PIN TOGETHER really well and leave a 3 inch opening on one side of the rectangle when sewing around to flip it right sides out when done!! using a 1/4" seam allowance.

8.Clip the excess on the corners and turn it right sides out! 

It should look like this ^......then for added stability because i used two pieces of felt I sewed two straight lines going all the way up so it wouldn't bunch up. I just counted 4 squares and used the line of the fourth pouch as a guide and sewed all the way up. I counted another four squares and did the same one more time and your DONE! just roll it up and mark where you want your button and hand stitch that baby on and ENJOY!!

I really hope this was a good tutorial due to the fact that I was chasing my children around the house and sewing I did not take pictures during...if you have any questions please leave a comment!!!!


Derek and Lori

Beautiful Carissa. I love seeing how creative you have been with your sewing machine. When the girls were little, I did tons of crafts. I liked it and it kept me busy while the kids played. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing what else you're going to make :)