Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy Diaper Clutch Tutorial!

I will be taking my two children on a very long trip this month and my youngest is NOT fully potty trained so I wanted to make a Diaper Clutch but I just wanted it to be simple and I could not find a decent tutorial for a beginner sewer like myself to understand so I decided to make a pattern myself and post the tutorial for the one I created for everyone to see!!!*click to enlarge pictures*
You will need:
fabric(I used flannel)
sewing machine

Diaper Clutch Tutorial:
1.Cut two pieces of fabric 26"x13"
2.Take the two rectangles and place them right sides together and pin.
3.Sew the two sides using a 1/4" seam allowance.
4.Cut extra and flip right side out and iron.

5.Take the raw edges on ends and fold inward to create a hem then iron flat.
6.Now pin all four sides and sew all around the entire rectangle *like shown in the picture* 
(A helpful hint for getting straight lines is to use a pencil and mark the inside and use as guide when sewing the best part is no one will see it!*

7.Measure 5 1/2" on both ends inward to create the pockets to hold the diapers and wipes * the 5 1/2" mark will be where your pocket creases*

8.Pin pockets just folded and sew the pockets sides closed *use the picture below for reference and simply sew on top of stitch already created or whip stitch the sides shut* 

THAT IS IT! Fill it with diapers and wipes and enjoy.


Rhetorical Randi

Very cute! I love the fabric


Just made one and it is awesome. The only thing I would suggest is maybe putting a snap or some velcro on it to keep it shut. Thanks so much for the tutorial. :)


I am glad you liked the tutorial. I will have to make another tutorial for the smaller version! And adding a snap or Velcro is a good idea!

Heather Pelle

I made one last night, LOVE IT! Thanks for the Tutorial, I actually put a velcro clasp-type-thing on it, turned out SO cute, I wish there was a way to post a pic of it, in LOVE with it! Thanks again!