Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toothbrush Travel Pouch Tutorial

My next few posts will ALL be travel related and this one I have been wanting to do for a while after getting the idea from Pintrest so I decided to make an actual "tutorial" for this. This project is SO EASY and will take anyone about 5-10 min!! and the best part it will only cost you ONE DOLLAR to do. I was at my local dollar store when I saw this hand towel that was a beautiful baby blue and it was same thickness as a Walmart hand towel so I grabbed one in blue and one in a pastel green. 

You will need:
Sewing machine and thread 

TTP Tutorial:

First lay the towel out on a table 

Then using a new toothbrush or one you have lay the brush on the towel and fold over to the desired pocket size then since mine was a hand towel you will have to cut the top quite a bit.

Take your ribbon and cut two long pieces you can always trim after your done! and wedge the ribbon into one side of the pocket *like shown*

Pin it up really well (on a side note I had a mommy moment and for some reason cut my two pieces of ribbon and put one on each side....DO NOT DO THAT!!! you want two pieces together on ONE side)

I used chalk and marked four even pockets *you can see my lines very faintly in this picture but it helps keep my lines straight!!

Sew up the four pockets then since I had the raw edge at the top I just folded it 1/4 inch and again then pinned *in other words hem it* 

And that is it....roll it up and tie it then toss it in your suitcase. (Do you see what I did wrong? just forget you see that extra ribbon I just cut it off and it was an easy fix!)

Here it is rolled up

And a better picture of the baby blue color

You can make more pockets if your would like and even put your deodorant and face wash in it