Sunday, March 11, 2012

Travel Activity Bag Tutorial

Ok so I have been wanting to make something for my kids that will carry all of the following a notebook,stickers,crayons,candy and printable coloring pages I got from the internet. One important thing for me was the style the function and I wanted the elastic and button closure. My only problem was I could NOT find any tutorial or project just like I wanted or using the fabric and layout I wanted. UNTIL  I stumbled upon the blog From An Igloo! I was elated and my husband was like finally this madness will end haha I am a beginner sewer and don't get the whole "sewing terms" so this was driving me crazy trying to make it myself with just a thought. I then kept reading the tutorial on that site and found that it was entirely TO BIG and I wanted something smaller to fit on my carry on which for me is a huge DIAPER BAG and with my fibro and two boys the bag is so heavy and I end up carrying them when I have to rush to the next gate so I decided to use her tutorial with some size modifications which I know you will enjoy! Her bag was about the size of a laptop case and the one I made is about 8"w x 9"l when folded and closed like a book!And to make mine a frugal project I used craft felt as my batting and did not make handle straps for my bag so if you want to know how to construct this amazing little Travel Activity Bag go to the link after you read through her steps you will be able to make it easy but in order to get the one I made bellow you will need to cut to my measurements:

Main Fabric:Use a 1/4 seam allowance
2 pieces of 17"x9.75" 
Fusible Fleece:
2 pieces 17"x9.75"
Contrasting Fabric:(for the pockets and only need 1 piece each)
6.5"x9.75(crayon pocket)
4"x9.75"(smallest pocket above crayon pocket)
12"x9.75"(Large pocket)

You will need 2-3 inches of elastic and a button to sew on at last step

Isn't this adorable? and it fits in your purse you can use it for a road trip or like me for a plane trip and if it gets dirty throw it in the wash!!!

This is an inside view you can see where I sewed up the middle which makes it fold like a book and keeps it  in place!

Leave me a comment if you liked how it came out!!!!


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Thanks for the nice comment. I accidentally deleted it when checking on my Ipad. My right wrist is messed up and I was clicking with my left hand and I am so excited it came out I can fit so much in there.


Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us!

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Shannon Heart

Too bad the pattern is now inaccessible - the blogger has made the blog by invitation only. :( I was really wanting to make this for my son, but I'm not clever enough yet to do it without a pattern.