Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fabric Snack Bag Tutorial

I am a mother of two wonderful boys and EVERYDAY I am packing plastic snack and sandwich bags full of snacks so that I can "tame" my children at the store or just keep them calm in the car but the amount of bags I use actually adds up and I am spending WAY to much money on bags. I decided to go a little green and make Reusable Snack Bags the best part is this is a great project for all those scraps you save and when it gets dirty or stained you just pop them in the washer and VOILA like brand new. I decided to add a flower embellishment to mine and this bag only took me 20 min to make.I wanted to share this fun easy craft because it is by far one of my favorites.

To make this bag go to:

To make the fabric flower just cut a piece of fabric really long fold it in half and make a gather stitch the length of the piece where the folded raw edges meet* don't back stitch* then pull and sew in place 


Kritika Nair

Really nice. Many people believe that paper bags aren't stylish but I myself design ecofriendly bags and believe that more people should use them. Thanks for this post, will definitely try to recreate what you have done


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