Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ramos Gang

I have to say leaving my family and knowing I wont be going back home was the hardest. I don't know how Brandon could leave his family he would always tell me when were were dating how much he missed his family and getting to see them for Christmas was the best I guess I didn't understand that until now and I must say it really sucks my husbands side of the family missed out on a lot. They missed out on our marriage and both babies being born and even birthdays and now they get the time to catch up and watch them grow I am so happy to live in Idaho it is such a great place to raise children and I found my dream home but I still find myself crying every night I miss my best friends which were my family I could talk to my mom about anything even about my hubby and even though she always sided with him because my mom LOVES Brandon she was always there for me and my little brother he is like my first baby I always protected him and now he protects me and my sister she is my true best friend she helps me no questions asked and she is there for me no matter how tough things can get between us and sisters always have their moments. My dad and mom most of all they loved me even after all the mistakes I made growing up and supported me and loved me unconditionally even if I didn't always show them I felt the same. I love my family I will always be apart of the RAMOS gang and I miss you guys so much oh and KY I know I have not met you yet but I am so upset I couldn't be there to give you loves and lots of kisses your TITI Cari loves you and cant wait till the day I get to meet you

I cant forget Jacob and Krystal I am so proud of you guys you are now parents and your going to such great ones I love you guys very much and cant wait to see you guys again!!!