Sunday, July 24, 2011

Park Fun

Yesterday was one of the best and worst days I have ever had I woke up early to hit the Farmers Market in Boise and Meridian with a friend. I was so excited because it is the first time I have had a "friend" to hang out with in two years and I felt like I finally had "plans" and we had a blast just hanging out and shopping. After all the shopping we walked around the pet store and the boys just loved all the animals! We were very hungry so we headed to Pizza Hut and treated the boys to some YUMMY food which we don't get to do often. I did not eat breakfast and due to chasing after my crazy kids I skipped out on lunch and just had a bite. We were going to head to the water park after but got a text Ashley was taking the kids to the park and we decided the kids would have more fun playing with family so we went there and I was already exhausted but when I see my niece and nephew I just get the burst of energy and off I went playing out in the sun and got so much snuggles and loves from all the babies. I was so happy until we headed to the grocery store after the park and I started to shake and wanted to faint. I started to cry and Brandon decided we would just pay for what we had and head home so Cadon ended up running out to the car with me because I had a feeling I was not going to make it to the doors before I fainted or whatever was in my stomach came up. We DID NOT make it to the car and my poor little man was just patting my back and making sure I was ok all night. I got some much needed sleep and I feel better today so I think we are going to hit up the water park today and have fun but today I will drink and eat plenty soooo even though I had a rough day I am ok and made tons of fun memories with the Lurcook/Locke family I want to share some pics I got from yesterday