Friday, August 5, 2011

ER Visit

Today was a very hard day for mostly Ryan but also for me. I had enough of the stupid doctors who say they would help us and just kept giving us the run around and while I waited for another call from another doctor my child was and still is in A TON OF PAIN. I decided enough was enough when I just could not calm him down and hold him down at the same time to push the intestine back in and he started to bruise so I broke down and ran upstairs to wake Brandon up and we went to the ER. We would had his surgery today but the surgeons leave at 4 and he suspects that all the "pushing" in of his bowels is causing his "tummy problems" and he wants him to become regular with his BM before we do surgery to prevent tearing from a BM after surgery BM(Bowel Movement) so we headed out to Boise St. Lukes and the people there were amazing they treated Ryan very well they did everything to make him smile and feel comfortable they got him a teddy bear and got his other surgeon referral expedited what ever that means so that we did not have to wait another day not knowing what is going to happen and now we have a surgeon and a date of surgery we are waiting till Monday for the time