Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Ryan Update

Today we waited for the phone call to schedule surgery but once again we are left waiting and given a bunch of names of doctors who are supposed to call but dont and today was ok but poor Ryan who has gotten NO sleep because he is always uncomfortable and having tummy problems is constantly crying now. Ryan went to visit Papa Lurcook,Cami,Gma Riggs,Gpa Riggs and Spencer and it was the longest he has gone without crying. we got home and I have been trying to calm him down he just cries and cries and it is getting worse.I am beyond frustrated no one will help us except to go to the emergency room once the intestine pops out or causes him to lo bleed and I feel like no one will help us I cant sit around and wait. It has gone from manageable to worse and I am balling my eyes out horrified my son will need to go potty and it will burst. My poor baby is suffering because of stupid doctors. I just now have pushed the intestine back in three times in about 30 min. that is it for now and im sure if we dont schedule surgery in the next day we will end up in the hospital for emergency surgery because it is not looking good and even though its "common" as every tells me it is not pretty and very scary and i cant sit back and wait for it to get worse to take him to the er....I will call the doctor first thing tomorrow