Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phone Pictures Update 6/14

I have not been updating much so I thought I would share some pictures from my phone.

I never spend money on myself and don't even spend my birthday money on myself I would rather spend the money on day out with the kids so when I found this mint nail polish at Walmart I jumped in happiness then quickly put in down but Brandon wouldn't give it up so the day after he ended up buying it for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color!! Thanks hubby 

My handsome little baby boy who is turning 6 yes 6 in July!!

Ryan riding the big boy slide for the first time at Roaring Springs and daddy catching him

Cadon the STACKER

Ryan looking so cute with his curls at the water park...I know everyone was bummed I cut his beautiful curly hair but when wet it was about 3 inches below the shoulder blade it was LONG and got in his face. I just know it is curly for life because I have given him  buzz cut before and it grew back just as curly or not curlier .

Ryan watching African Cats in his Cars chair Titi Krystal,Uncle Jay Jay and Kylina got him.

It is amazing what a scarf can do for a little boy can turn him into a NINJA

We made cake pops for the first episode of Teen Wolf  season 2

Cadon the Pirate 

Wow Wow Wubzy for the kids with chalk

Being silly

BEST FRIENDS Ryan just loves MAYA just look at his smile

In this house if you are playing dead the only way to wake them up is with a kiss!


My sweet boys 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY photo made for Brandon  



SO Cadon is taking after his Titi in the cup stacking event!!! Ha ha too cute