Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Day In The Lurcook Household

Today the boys and I decided it was time to cut Ryans hair...his hair is SO SO SO SO curly * Hispanic blood* and when wet it is longer then his shoulder blades and he was getting tired of the long hair so I got him ready but putting a small chair in the middle of the tub and then putting Cadon on video camera duty and operation keep Ryan still and he did an amazing job at that!!! THANKS BUDDY! It took me an hour to finish his hair I had to first wet then blow dry,trim with hair scissors,clip with clippers on longest length,then go over the head another time with a shorter length and finally trim his sideburns and the back of his neck area to get a clean look. I think I did great for only doing his hair twice and Ryan sat still the whole time he just loved when I put the blow drier on and blew away his hair hahaha now he went from looking like my little baby to looking like a MAN in an hour I even had to wash him with daddy's Axe Body Wash and spray his pits with Axe body spray so he can be a big boy. 



After the big hair cut the boys wanted a nice bubble bath and wanted to be scientists so I got their science kits and they played for a good half an hour NO JOKE 

Cadons Elvis hair

Hard at work 

Look mom my Cartoons are on

I can NOT get over that Cadon will be 6 in a month and he is my mini me everything about him is ME and he is such a STUD MUFFIN 

Hahaha This is Ryans face as soon as his cartoons came on