Thursday, January 3, 2013

Phone Picture Dump Dec-Jan

Yesterday was a very productive day for me...first we all headed to the doctors where I was given a visual lesson and I learned a lot. I learned that I get really nervous around needles even if it is not for myself. Then we headed to go grocery shopping and hit Costco which is my new fav. store for a few things *Thanks to my uncle who set me up with a lifetime membership* Then Winco and after that we headed to Walmart. I made lunch for the boys then cut not one but both Cadon and Ryan's hair. Here are some pictures from my phone from Christmas time to New Year's.

Given my handsome little man snuggles...he looks like a whole new boy and all grown up.

I got myself a slouch beanie that I have been wanting for about a year now!!

Mommy and Daddy bought Cadon a Fedora for Christmas he has worn it everyday.

My candy cane nails for Christmas

My New Year's Eve nails

My big boy with his new haircut...I actually had a clipper accident and sliced his ear and was such a sport about it until blood was found. He is fine and it was a tiny little scratch from the clippers.

I caught Ryan wearing Cadon's Fedora 

Ryan wears his new slippers every night and they are so cute

Last picture of us New Year's Eve 11:57pm we made a little bed on the floor infront of the TV this year and we watched Dick Clarks Rocking New Year's Eve like we do every year and danced until the ball dropped.

They lined up their Squinkees for a movie 

Cadon painted his Nutcracker 

I noticed everyone was doing a Instagram Photo Challenge but I didn't like a few of the days so I made my own and will do them every day of January.

This is me laying down before the ball dropped and all of a sudden Ryan strips his clothes off and decided to put his butt in the picture as a photo bomb but I will spare you the pictures :) silly boy.
We had an amazing New Year's we celebrated Spencer's birthday like we do every New Year's then we headed home and celebrated in the form of a Dance Party. I do not need to make New Year's resolutions but instead I will hold my children tighter and tell them I love them more often I will cherish every moment I have with my family because I know that life is precious and every moment is a gift. I would like to thank my family for all the support we were given through the past 4 months while we were going through a really tough time with Brandon's health and all of those who prayed for him that truly meant a lot to us and we are truly grateful. I found out my parents are being stationed to Venezuela for two years and despite the sadness this brought me I just found out my baby sister is getting married December of 2013 and I will be the Maid of Honor!!!!!! I am so very proud of my little sister she is the first of the family to continue her education till the end in collage and continues to further her education. She has worked 2-3 jobs a day to pay for everything and has become such a strong and independent woman. She is marrying a man who truly loves her and who we know to be the one for her.