Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diaper Emergency

Have you ever been in the middle of no where and need to change your child's diaper but there is NO diaper changing station in the bathroom or having dinner with your family and don't want to change a diaper on their floor due to the fact that it might get messy....I know I am OCD and I usually take my child into my in laws bathroom to change him and he always has to lay on the hard floor. So this mommy made a super cool diaper pad! I was looking online for a pattern and found that most people made sewing to hard and I just got lost in the instructions and end up messing up (I am a beginner) so since I already have the basic knowlage of right sides together and how to sew I just made one with my own pattern it seems like everytime I want to sew something I end up making my own pattern or just winging it but this came out perfect it is large enough to change a two year old on and it long so a baby would have total coverage from the cold ground. I used the interfacing used in making an oven mitt because that is all I had so it is very sturdy thick and even HEAT RESISTANT hahaha I used one side the cute rock and roll fabric and the other just a contrasting black cotton fabric it took me about 10 min to make and it folds up so small you can throw it in your purse.