Friday, January 6, 2012

Tooth Fairy Time!!!

If you are friends/family then you already know Cadon has lost two teeth already but in December his two front teeth were SUPER WIGGLY and ready to come out....I made the mistake of wigging to hard and since then he freaks out if I get near him hahaha last night he was so tired after a LONG day of school and said mommy you can snuggle me and I gave him a big kiss and I reached into his mouth and a second later I had his tooth he actually did not even know i pulled it he thought I was just messing with him but his poor big boy tooth was ready to come out and if he kept that tooth in there I was afraid it would mess with the tooth already coming down. He has TWO I will work on the other one another day ;) but last night the tooth fairy came and he was so excited to use the tooth fairy pillow mommy made him so he snuggled it all night and woke up to a fun surprise a journal a dollar and gum he told me "The tooth fairy always brings me gum and a dollar!" he was so excited then mommy and daddy got him a big boy tooth brush set


Krystal Marie

so sweet! yay Cadon :)


Good job! You were able to safely extract the tooth of your son. I believe that our mothers can be good dentists too. With their gentle hands, we are assured that they will safely extract our primary teeth. However, with regards to permanent teeth extraction, it is better to leave them in the hands of a real dentist because the procedure demands utmost care and dental skills. A simple erroneous act can lead to complications like infection, swelling and prolonged bleeding.
Nathan Bedingfield