Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My No Sew Square Scarf Tutorial

After a whole month of searching and hours wasted looking every kind of keyword in every search engine just to find a tutorial to make those cute scarfs that I see on everyone that look like a triangle. I was so bummed and desperate to have one of my own then a light bulb went off.....DUH go online to a website selling them and find the measurements of the one I like it is just a square yet no one in the world can make a stupid tutorial so I AM! you pretty much make a square and put your trimming on and here is how it looks. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do.
Materials Needed: 1.Iron 2.Light Fabric of your choice (double sided) 3.Heat n Bond hem tape 4. Scissors 5.Pom Pom Trim 6.Fabric Glue I am not even going to do a picture tutorial on this one because it is so easy a child can do it! First you want to take the fabric lay it on a flat surface then with a yard stick measure a square 40"x 40". After that get your iron and hem tape and hem all four sides....YOUR ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take your trim and fabric glue and I used my fingers to put the glue then press the trim and YOU ARE DONE.( I put trim on only two sides) 1.because I am BROKE cheap 2.Because I was rushing to get it finished so I could pick my little man up from school. I put that it on and rushed out the door and got so many compliments on my walk to the kids pick up :)